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A comm channel from the away team on the sleeper ship opened from an Engineering NE Specs [O]Specs to Merrimack, uhm, We’ve got another cryopod here, there’s what looks like a child[O] said NE Specs.

Glen replied from the Captain’s Chair, =/\= Are they awake? Or still under cryogenesis? Do we know how to bring them around without damage from thawing? Glen over! =/\=

=^=Still fast asleep sir=^= There was a slight pause as the click of a tricorder starting it’s scan =^= Checking vitals now=^= said NE Specs.

=^=Bridge… I don’t see any damage to the pod. But I will need a bit if you want me to figure out how to wake them. Gonna want medical on both sides standing by as well. Hang on=^=

=^= I’m gonna see if I can get some answers here, first…=^=

=/\= No problem. Go ahead and keep me informed. We’ll let Sickbay know so they can get prepared. =/\= Glen replied.

“Good God, a child,” Hal said. “Look, I know by our standards, these ships are antiquated and clunky. And dangerous. But. It’s the state of the art for these people.”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions,” Glen said. “We don’t know that they are sending children into space as experiments. That chamber the child was was contained in… it didn’t look like it was of Alstairean design. Maybe it’s an artifact that they picked up while travelling in space.”

NE Specs sent over scans of the writing on the pod for translation.

Cross took a step forward looking around,as her eyes settled on a very familiar face the doctor whispered ‘’Captain’‘.
Her appearance had changed so much so she wondered if Glen would even recognize her .Her once pink complexion was now gone,replaced instead by a pale skin tone while a scar ran across her cheek.

The eyes were more reddish brown, then the previous vibrant red plus the female doctor had lost an unhealthy decrease in body weight.

“Welcome back!” exclaimed John Glen. “Can you see anything medical in the texts he’s sending over? However, if you believe dealing with this alien child will cause you post-traumatic stress disorder then you are excused from this mission, and you can send along another Doctor.”

‘’Eh ? What?’‘ Cross exclaimed ‘’What post traumatic stress are you referring to may I ask? ‘’ She closed her eyes briefly to gather her thoughts .

“You’re the Doc,” replied Glen. “As I said, good to have you back!”

‘’Captain if this child is going to be transferred to sickbay I want her to be put directly on the stasis unit until any treatment can be rendered if any. at least for now as we have no idea what we’re dealing with.’‘.

“It’s not going anywhere at the moment,” replied Glen. “The technology doesn’t look Alstairean, so no, you’re right, we don’t have any idea what we are dealing with! “

‘’I can look at the text if someone would be kind enough to show it to me ‘’ . the female doctor responded in a composed and unfazed manner.

“NE Xerox,” the Captain asked the cadet working at the comms in Inola’s absence, “please bring the copy of scan of the writing on the pod over here so we can take a look at it. And bring over whatever analysis the computer has given on it.”

A few minutes later the requested scan came up, the original scans showed a series of pictograph like images. The first image was of a box with what seemed a tiny figure, the computer translation process suggested it might be in reference to the child in stasis. The second image showed another image of a circle with squiggly lines coming off it in an expressive manner, complete with a tiny image of the sleeper ship next to the circle and an arrow of a tiny figure like the child pointing to the ship. The computer in this case theorized that this was some planet somewhere that had encountered the sleeper ship and was facing some kind of planetary problem and sent the child onto the sleeper ship. The next image was of the sleeper ship itself in a crude fashion surrounded by tiny stars. An arrow pointed to another circular planet which had a similar color tone to the one that Alstair Prime had. The computer here theorized it was a message of returning the Alstair sleeper ship to its home system. The next image was of the child figure surrounded by tiny spheres with its hands up in the air and the spheres surrounding it, on this set of images the computer had come up empty to what it could mean.

Cross along with Glen took a look ‘’This are the representation of data using images. Pictographs represent the frequency of data while using symbols or images that are relevant to the data ‘’ the doctor spoke more to herself then anyone else ‘’ The images sort of represent words, if we can figure two or more the message would undoubtedly be clearer ‘’.

“Like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics?” suggested Glen.

‘’Maybe this child was someone special thus put in a stasis pod until.....................’‘ she tailed off glancing at the Captain to see what he had to offer.

It appeared that Miriam and others were waiting for the Captain to explain everything. “Maybe?” Glen was as puzzled as everyone else appeared to be. “Maybe ii is a Royal child that needed to be saved from some calamity? Maybe when it grows it will remember some information and be able to tell us? Or, maybe it holds the information contained within its genetic make-up? How are we really supposed to know anything?”

Glen made a reply to William and Tia aboard the Sleeper Ship =/\= Can you give us any more? Don’t the Alstaireans know when and where it was picked up? For Fingale’s sake!!! Try checking the ship’s course logs to see where it has been. The stasis box isn’t a small object to have been delivered to the ship. It would have taken time. The Merrimack computer seems to think that the symbols are a written language and that they tell a story of a child put in stasis and sent to the stars to escape some planetary problem. We need to find that planetary system. =/\=

Cross was wrecking her mind about all of this ‘’Captain where are the spheres ?Did the away team scan them ?Are their compounds organic in material? ‘’ she asked ‘’And I think we should send a doctor over to bring back the child’s genetic makeup ‘’ .

“No idea! But I’ll ask!” replied Glen.

=/\= In addition, Dr. Cross wants more information on the tiny spheres that surrounded the child. What are they? What are they made of? Do you need a medical doctor over there? Any other specialists? Glen over! =/\=

Tia’s voice came back over the comms. “=^=No one’s answered me, yet. The pod seems stable. Medical is welcome, but not sure what they can do unless we plan to crack this open.=^= Her voice seemed slightly distracted as she answered and continued her investigation of the pod.

=/\= Okay. We are sending over Doctor Hunter from Sickbay to assist. And the Ship’s archaeologist and anthropologist will beam over with him. =/\= Glen replied.

=/\=There is no way to get her genetic makeup without opening the pod and I don’t think its a good idea to do so at least not at the present moment =/\= doctor Hunter’s voice was heard over the comms =/\= In my opinion it may do more harm then good =/\=.

“If it were my kid, I’d have defensive systems ready,” Hal said. “Make sure that they scan for any energy spikes.”

=/\= Hal is concerned about defensive systems attached to the pod. He says to remember to check for energy spikes if you touch it. If you believe it to be safe, I’m happy to beam the whole thing back to the Merrimack and then look at it here. We could isolate it in a shuttlebay. Glen over. =/\=

=./\= Captain the male child and the pod can be safely transported to our ship =/.\= the doctor’s deep voice was heard over the comm =/\= We’re also bringing two spheres as the scans show something organic inside just for medical and perhaps the science lab would work on =/\= obviously it would ultimately be Glen’s decision.

For all he knew it would be filled with clay ..he mused to himself.

=/\= Doctor Hunter? Before I transport the whole kit and caboodle across, how did you determine that it’s safe? And the transporter filter is likely to freak out if the spheres contain organic matter. We’d need to bypass the safety protocols! =/\=

Hunter could be heard clearing his throat =/\= Captain from my scans the male child is stable ,obviously we cannot determine more not without opening the pod and I would not recommend it at this point. The transporter could easily transport both the the pod with the child in it ,what I’m not sure is if it be of benefit or harmful to transport it directly to the statis unit in sickbay .=/\=.

=/\=Sir the spheres outer layer can be found on earth as well, its common steel =/\= . The doctor would have much preferred not to tell the Captain over the comm but he had no choice =/\= Sir we can confidently say the human body is organic =/\= .

“Hal, do you concur?” Glen asked his COS.

<reply from Hal>

If it was okay with his COS then it was okay with Captain Glen. He made reply, =/\= It was the organic content of the sphere I was concerned about rather than the shells, but we can try and see what the transporter says about them. The child should be okay to bean over to Sickbay while in stasis and you can decided whether to wake him up over here. =/\=

= /\=Aye Captain=/\= Hunter responded =/\= Though its up to the CMO who has to take that decision =/\=.

=/\= I’ll inform the Transporter Chief that you have an item to beam over. Glen out! =/\=

=/\= Aye Captain=/\= came Hunter quick response . We’ll beam to the ship after the child =/\=.

=/\= Chief. Captain Glen here on the Bridge. The away party have a stasis box to beam directly to Sickbay containing an unidentified, unknown species of alien child… yes, incredible! Please set the parameters of the Transporter to deal with that. They also have some steel spheres containing organic matter to analyse which the Transporter filters may not like. I’ll let you determine if it is safe, chemically and virus free, but if it is, then I authorise that you can beam them safely and directly to the biohazard lab for further analysis. Glen over! =/\=

The CMO stepped on the bridge, she felt more refreshed after some hrs of rest and heard the Captain giving orders.

‘’Captain maybe we should leave the child in his pod instead of transferring him to our statis unit. We’ll watch over him while in sickbay and deal with any problems that may arise?’‘ she questioned ,For the present time there was a lot of’ if’s‘ Cross gazed at Glen ‘’You know take it step by step’‘.

Cross Dr.

“You may have been misinformed as I have stated no preferences here. You’re the CMO, and in matters of preserving life, you’re the expert! So, I’ll defer to whatever you think has the best chance of reviving the child alive. What I would say is that I don’t like alien technology; or tech that we have no understanding of, running on the Merrimack. However, if Tia and William have checked the pod over and believe it to be safe, then that’s good enough for me. It appears to be similar to our own stasis units. And of course, it makes total sense not to disturb the child before awakening them. Anyhow, I’ve already given your Doctor Hunter permission to beam the whole thing over to Sickbay. It is being arranged right now, actually. They’ve requested senior medical be available in Sickbay when it arrives, so you’ll want to get down there, ‘Stat!’ as you medics say!”

-Glen, CO

She was about to roll her eyes but decided against it ‘’Captain just came over to check if any thing has changed..I’ll head to sickbay as of now ‘’ and with a quick nod Cross left.

Cross Dr.

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