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Posted Jan. 20, 2022, 3:57 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


1) The first thing noted on their trip here was the cataloging of a massive rogue comet. The comet itself was nearly 200km around! Its current course was hard to judge but if it maintained its current flight path from unexplored space, would pass near the Tellar home system sometime around the late 24th century!
(Information was shared with the Tellar Astronomical League, the UFP Association of Comet Observers, and the Astronomical Society of the Alpha Quadrant.)

2) The second thing noted on their trip here was the cataloging of a small decaying ancient nebula. The nebula in question had likely once been a good light year or so in measurement, but now for whatever reason the ancient nebula was barely 900kms across from end to end and barely 300km high from top to bottom. Science department reported that if the ancient nebula continued its current rate of decay it would fully dissipate within the next 17 years or so!

(Information was also shared. Science department was tasked with postulating reasons.)

3) The last thing of note on their trip here was the drifting remains of an ancient space probe of Andorian manufacture from long ago. It was sublight of course, and powered by now long dead solar batteries and a tiny fusion reactor. The sensors were mostly for scanning gases and such. The probe was in surprisingly good shape all things considered given it was marked as being well over 600 years old! The Merrimack’s andorian complement of six crew had requested that the Captain consider stopping back to retrieve the probe if possible or sending a notice to Andoria to send another ship to retrieve this lost relic of their past for a museum.
(Captain Glen agreed to consider both requests. The Merrimack could stop back itself to retrieve the probe following the successful completion of this mission, but it was a dead, ancient probe, and so a lower priority than a live, mysterious child.)

After reading things over, though they came to the important matter of their own arrival to the unknown system which seemed the origin point for their alien child and had been originally planned to be a location for the Alstarians to establish a colony. Dropping out of warp sensors immediately went to work getting a read on their destination. The solar body was a massive O-type sun, bright white-bluish in color it was a truly massive sight. The sensors also picked up 6 planetary bodies, the first three in the system were all rocky bodies, lifeless, and lacking any real atmosphere. All were made up of various minerals and ores which to a colony or even civilization of limited space faring capability would be prime targets for mining efforts. The fourth planet in the system was a large gas giant with a deep brown-red ring system made up of gas, ice, and tiny rocks. Around this gas giant were a multitude of various sized moons again all rich in ore and minerals. Also picked up on one of the larger moons were deposits of likely dilithium! The last planet though was of interest, it was within the system’s ‘habitable’ zone, and was class-m. It was about 1.5 times as big as Earth though, the planet was a almost 50/50 mix of land and water, initial scans picked up signs of both land and sea based life forms. As well as a quite rich biosphere. In orbit of the planet was a large single lunar body, it held a very thin atmosphere of helium, and itself was made up of various rocky minerals, ores, and deposits of ice. On both the planet and moon no signs of intelligent life were present or of a civilization. That was until as they came closer and into the system they picked up a large orbital structure coming around the dark side of the planet. It was roughly 30km wide, by 6km thick. It was shaped like a massive thick plate. Scans picked up it was powered by several fission based reactant systems. Life signs showed about 900 thousand inhabitants all of which at a glance matched the child they had picked up. Interestingly surrounding this massive orbital structure, linked to it by tiny energy threads which seemed like primitive tractor beams were billions of the tiny metal balls like had been included with the sleeper pod! Each of the energy tethered balls seemed to be absorbing the radiation and solar light from the O-type star nearby and converting it into usable energy back on the orbital platform. It also was providing a dampening effect that almost acted as a ‘cloak’ on sensor scans for the platform, except it didn’t deflect visual scans. No obvious signs of weapons or shielding was present, at least none they could discern as being known.

On approaching the system, Captain Glen had returned to the Bridge. The large M class planet looked the most promising as the origin of the child in the stasis pod. While scans showed no weapons or shielding, Captain Glen didn’t want to spook the residents by suddenly turning up.

“Inola” Glen told the communications officer, “Open hailing frequencies. Any channels open, any hails?”

Joe had come onto the bridge quietly and had been looking at the results of the scans in silence. He looked across at the captain after a few moments of rereading all the data collected thus far. All reviewed of course with such a scowl of concentration that it seemed as if it might surely cause a severe headache to Joe. Finally, after a moment longer he turned to the captain and said, “Sir correct me if I’m wrong but from what I’m seeing from the type of star, it’s size, and with the minerals couldn’t this system be part of that dissipating nebula that we passed? Or perhaps the dissipating nebula be a piece torn away from this star system?”

“I’m a pilot, not an astrophysicist!” Glen said, “If you say it’s possible, then I’ll believe you. Haven’t the Science Department come back with some ideas yet?”

Joe tried to do something he wasn’t at all known for. Diplomacy. He covered his mouth with his hand to cover the smile that slipped across his face unbidden. Then trying to speak in a humdrum tone of voice he said to the CO, “I’m not aware that they were doing any work concerning the astrophysics of our surroundings yet sir. And well I’m just an old red shirt. I was always told by every pilot I met that they were vastly superior to us. Are you now sir telling me that I have been misinformed all these years?” Joe surrendered then as he dropped his hand, and the large grin came into plain view. “As for science I think that they are still experimenting with their …I mean um yes they are looking at those speres. Which leads me to another question sir. We have this child. Now we what planet he came from. Now we arrive at said planet. I have to confess this is pretty sharp thus far. But how do we figure out who on the planet that the child belongs to?”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO (and Glen’s pain in the posterior)

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scientifically uneducated,” said Glen. “I studied optics in my Academy days and I have a personal interest in archaeology, but I know next to nothing about biochemistry, geochemistry and astrophysics, so I leave that to those who do. But I enlisted as a pilot, before I quickly moved into Command training. Those first few weeks out of the simulator and flying by the seat of my pants in dogfights are still my best Starfleet experiences. I do know what you mean about pilots thinking they are superior. It must come with the job!”

“I did ask the Science department to look into the reasons for the fast rate of decay, but, yes, they have been very tied up with investigating the silver spheres,” Glen replied.

“As for the child’s ‘parents’, your guess is as good as mine,” Glen said. “In any culture, sending away your offspring without protection would seem a pretty desperate thing to do, so they may have been in desperate circumstances themselves, but then we also have the problem of additional time that has passed, which means it’s likely they could have died of old age anyway.”

-Glen, CO

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