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Coming back over and obviously overhearing the tale end of the conversation from Cross and Cara, Sal smiled lightly, “..I must admit I too share a level of curiosity to learn more about this Federation of yours. The idea of managing the wills and needs of one government like our own, compounded by those over vast distances and multiple cultures as you describe, please do not take offense, but I find it almost frightening to comprehend!” She said with a smile.

Once a reply came though she gestured to the door, “..In either case come, we can board back at the local transport station and go where you wish to go from there..” She said leading the ground back out into the bustling corridor. It seems their arrival had of course gotten around the station even more among the local populace, and while the local media presence was there, they respectfully kept their distance. But it was obvious a few cameras were in use to catch snippets for some local news feed to be sure. Thankfully the local crowd respectfully broke up after some smiles and polite exchanges by Sal, “..Please good people, there will be time for a full interview process later!” She said holding up her hands, “..Our guests mean us no harm as you can all imagine by now at this point, but they had requested we hold all questions and interviews until a later time.” She said.

One more noisy reporter though spoke up among the throng of people, “Cal Wets, LNW Media, respectable Sal! Can we at least know who they are? Where they are from? Why do so many local different than others?” She said.

Sal looked to the others among the team, “..Would you mind if we answered at least these questions? If you do not wish too it is fine.” She said.

GM CockRoach

Joe had meant for it to be a quick tour and come back. He’d already had problems and now this. The captain said he didn’t want for now. Joe was though after a good meal or a good whiskey, quite the social type of person. Thus far all he’d had today was irritation . He knew though that not making the effort would probably be considered to be not friendly so he put on a smile and dug deep into his Irish ancestry . He looked across at the reporter and shrugged . He smiled broadly and told the reporter , “I see no reason why we can’t answer a few simple questions my good friend. Just as long as it’s not anything to get us into trouble with our captain you know. “

Lt.Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

Sal gave a nod to the XO, “..I’ll speak up and keep it brief then..” She said on their behalf.

Cross had to put a hand up against her mouth to stop herself from bursting out laughing ,as she saw the Cmdr who she knew would have been happier with some action rather than a tour.

The doctor heard the questions being asked but thought it was best to let the others answer ,if anything goes wrong she would not be the one facing the consequences and repercussions .For good measure Cross made no eye contact with those around her,though she had to admit how polite and excited they all seemed to be.

Cross CMO.

William raised an eyebrow at the Commander’s reaction and then Miriam’s, he wasn’t sure if they should or shouldn’t answer any questions but if they were anything like the Federation press they would likely ask non-invasive questions at first with a few badly thought out questions. He clasped hands behind his back and waited.


Turning back to face the press crews and people, Sal spoke, “..Good people! To answer your questions these good folks are willing to answer, but they wish it kept brief for now. So in short, they are a collection of different space dwelling people coming from a united governmental power known as the United Federation Of Planets. Where they come from is some distance beyond others we have met in this region of space, at least a few months by their methods of space travel. As for why so many look different, they are of different space faring races, they work together for their own common good and purpose..” She said.

The one reporter who had called herself Cal Wets, spoke again, “..But…” she began but only to have Sal smile gently interrupting. “..For now that is all the questions they will be taking, they wish to first learn more about us as a people and where we live here. Afterwards I am sure they will make more time to talk with the media and people. Excuse us..” She said curtly directing the team back down a side corridor to the tram station they had arrived in before.

Thankfully all the local populace accepted this though were obviously eager to ask more, Cal Wets was the most eager it seems as she took off to make her report no doubt to her boss or superiors in the news media. Once the group was alone again and settled onto the tram, Sal and her aide turned to the group, “..Well then from the sound of things before you had some varied points of interest to look at here on our habitat? One was our Seed Pod system and educational program, another was our food and power reserves, and I think someone mentioned something about our library archives and history? So which did you wish to go too first?” she asked.

GM CockRoach

The media people seemed to be well heeled as far as Joe could tell. Compared with those in certain corners of the Federation they seemed downright lethargic. In his time on certain stations, he’d been assailed by them a few times. And then again on Earth at fleet headquarters. His first run ins had been less than stellar. It was then he learned the secret of handling the press. Speak long and in a friendly voice. Pack each sentence with more words than necessary, while at the same time manage to impart as little information as possible . Joe had to actually wonder about how much freedom the people here were allowed. But then again he had picked up something which interested him more. The mention of other travelers who had come through here . Those who lived closer.

Joe listened to Sal and smiled as he nodded saying,” I thank you for being so very gracious to us . Turning to the people of the group Joe simply said ,” So who wants to go where? Looks like a fine day for a trip!”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan CO

Cross was thinking of how to slip away without anyone noticing but she figured there were too many people around,especially with the Cmdr and Lance standing nearby but who knows maybe she’ll get her chance later on

The doctor wanted to ask about the pods,the spheres and how where the persons chosen? And she did find it strange that they had not requested for Franz to be brought with the team....why?.

Remembering the boy’s words when he woke up asking if they were his new parents,did they lure him with that promise knowing full well he could eventually die in space.Franz had also told them that children who were orphaned where kept in an institution of some kind,would the team be taken there or not?.

Cross Dr.

Lance was starting to feel better the low light mode was helping a lot and the pain killer wasn’t too bad. Lance went back to scanning the area with his eyes.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Before they had had a chance to board their transport Joe came close to Lieutenant Del Wolf and as he looked at the wall trying to appear as if he were not really speaking to Del Wolf he said in a voice that was meant for Doctor Cross to overhear if she were paying attention. “Lieutenant. Our good Doctor Cross has a bad history of wandering off and getting herself into trouble on tours and visits such as these. I don’t want that happening on our watch. This being said keep a close eye on her. The good one if you please. And if need be use that antique weapon of yours to keep her in place. I would recommend big toe, right foot. Hey tend to do nothing but fall sideways after something like that.”

Cross through the surrounding chatter around her did catch some of the words,taking a deep breath the doctor now knew that she could not slip away as long as the Cmdr and Lt where around.

Then lowering his voice so that only Del Wolf and himself could hear Joe said. “Just keep an eye on her for me Lieutenant and don’t let her sneak off it’s a concern of the captain’s and I would consider it a personal favor as she’s a personal friend despite all her quirks.”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

At least for now she discarded the idea of leaving the group and instead go on the boring tour which Cara seemed fascinated by.A thought came to the doctor, the next time this Sala asks the group where they wanted to go Cross would make her request and inquire about the orphaned children ,simple put she was concerned and wanted to eliminate any doubts which had crept inside her mind.

Cross CMO.

As Sal asked which would be the first thing they wanted to see ,Cross hoped the Cmdr had enough sense to see the pods and not some boring culture ,it seemed the doctor had got something right from the beginning.......... that the technology used for the pods did indeed came from another species.

Lance didn’t have a hard time keeping an eye on dr. Cross but he had a good idea how to keep her close. She quietly walked towards her and grabbed onto her arm “do you mind if I walk with you I’m trying to study myself” he held on to her keeping her close as he pretend to study himself.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Cross looked at Lance as if he had suddenly sprouted two antennas from the top of his head ‘’Would all due respect Lt do you actually take me for a fool?’‘ the doctor asked ‘’Holding on to the Cmdr would be a better alternative and has it occurred to you that since you’re not steady on your feet, I as the Chief Medical Officer could send you to rest back in the shuttle for a couple of hours’‘ Cross said in the sweetest tone.

Cross Dr.

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