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Posted May 18, 2022, 3:20 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


Tia would be struck by the description of this ‘wave fold’ and ‘transporter’ like operation for FTL speed. It might remind her of early Earth theories of faster than light travel, all of which came to a grounding halt when World War 3 happened. But it also was interesting on the point of the matter transportation effect tied into it, as it showed 1) Likely Dol’s people were at least in theory aware of matter transportation like the transporter, and 2) These Zak-Dorn had found a way to use a transporter to accelerate what sounded like a warp bubble much higher in speed then what a traditional drive might be capable of, in fact it mirrored some ideas from the now dropped Transwarp Drive Theory project back in the 2280s and 90s, in this point there had been hush hush talk that the theorized ‘transwarp’ drive made use of some kind of larger scale transporter field, but this had not yet been confirmed or denied by the Federation so who knew?

Tia listened with great interest to the facts about the faster than light technology. To her, it seemed the technology of long ago, and the future, had combined into something akin to transporting while in warp speed.

She continued to listen about the exchange of people and technology. It wasn’t unlike ambassadorships from Earth. People and technology were exchanged in various ways throughout the Federation.

When there was a lil in the conversation, she spoke up. “These seed pod candidates you mentioned. We came across one, obviously,” she blushed because the boy had been the reason they were here, more or less. “There were several small orbs in the pod with them. I fear it was my call not to retrieve them all when we woke the child. And for my part in their loss, I apologize. But may I ask, what were all the cylinders in the pod with the child?” She feared they would not answer, and possibly send her away, because of the loss of the items. But better to know now than drag it on further.

Turning to Tia, Dol nodded, “..Yes when we send out a Seed Pod we provide it with several of those small orbs. They contain samples of many local plants and animal life here on our habitat used as food. Their makeup is embedded both as a organic substance inside and in a readable digital format from the shell. They provide those who adopt such a candidate with many local food, plants, and such to make them comfortable. As well as can be used as a form of energy for the parents or in trade among certain peoples we have traded with whole value energy production say over other forms of monetary compensation.” He said.

”..If you could provide me any readings of the writing usually on the pod indicating their candidate class and number I could have it looked up and provide more information on the candidate that you found. The Alstairians as you call them I do recall having met one of their sleeper ships some time ago and one candidate did go with being adopted by two on the ship, before they went back into cryo sleep to return to their homeworld since they could not settle here..” he added

Glen listened carefully to the conversation between Dol and Tia. They had yet to make a final decision on what to do with the child, but they still had the seed pod, so reading the markings from its sides wouldn’t be a problem. Glen thought that it was also interesting that while the people of Habitat had been willing to exchange food, plants, and whole value energy production items with the Alstaireans, they hadn’t exchanged their superior stasis technology; something which would have made them very much safer in their flimsy spacecraft on their long journey home.

Perhaps that was a valid question Glen could ask Dol about?

And so he was minded to ask this very question, just as soon as Tia had finished asking her own.

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