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Posted by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Habitat - Away Team Tour

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Then lowering his voice so that only Del Wolf and himself could hear Joe said. “Just keep an eye on her for me Lieutenant and don’t let her sneak off it’s a concern of the captain’s and I would consider it a personal favor as she’s a personal friend despite all her quirks.”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

At least for now she discarded the idea of leaving the group and instead go on the boring tour which Cara seemed fascinated by.A thought came to the doctor, the next time this Sala asks the group where they wanted to go Cross would make her request and inquire about the orphaned children ,simple put she was concerned and wanted to eliminate any doubts which had crept inside her mind.

Cross CMO.

As Sal asked which would be the first thing they wanted to see ,Cross hoped the Cmdr had enough sense to see the pods and not some boring culture ,it seemed the doctor had got something right from the beginning.......... that the technology used for the pods did indeed came from another species.

Lance didn’t have a hard time keeping an eye on dr. Cross but he had a good idea how to keep her close. She quietly walked towards her and grabbed onto her arm “do you mind if I walk with you I’m trying to study myself” he held on to her keeping her close as he pretend to study himself.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Cross looked at Lance as if he had suddenly sprouted two antennas from the top of his head ‘’Would all due respect Lt do you actually take me for a fool?’‘ the doctor asked ‘’Holding on to the Cmdr would be a better alternative and has it occurred to you that since you’re not steady on your feet, I as the Chief Medical Officer could send you to rest back in the shuttle for a couple of hours’‘ Cross said in the sweetest tone.

Cross Dr.

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