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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (Doctor) in Sickbay-
Doctor Hunter was still busy in sickbay,while making sure that Franz was all right under his ever watchful eyes, yet he could not help but wonder how came the boy was still on the ship and not taken back to the habitat.
It was no place for a child to be and it went against the Federation protocol,so for now there was nothing he could do but wait.

Hunter Dr.

The Merrimack was certainly no place for children, however the officer who had been given their newly created post of ‘Ship’s Counsellor’ had already discussed this with the Captain. They had agreed that they must first determine if the Habitat was a fit, safe and proper place to return the child to. She quoted from the Federation protocol that, ‘you must be certain that they have established systems to support robust care planning’ and ‘you must assess that the environment positively meets the needs of the child’. What it really boiled down to was that any society that sent very young orphans away to alien planets alone, had to really prove that it had the best interests of those children at it’s heart, and that had to be weighed up carefully against the doctrine of non-interference in alien cultures. It was a decision that could not be taken very lightly, even if that meant that it seemed to take a long time.

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