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Joe at this point was just happy that the doctor was nearly behaving herself. He nodded then to the woman with the different looking leggings. The pattern seemed a bit familiar and homey to him as compared to the rest. He thought for a moment before realizing it. The green and the flower combinations reminded him of his grandmother’s many homemade dresses. He never ceased to be amazed that wherever one went different people seemed to always find the same ways of doing things and solving problems. He smiled at the woman then as he said ,”Hello, my name is Joe and what might yours be?”

Lt.Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

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”..My name is Soqo. It is uh good to me you Joe..” She said. “..Though I have seen a few other alien groups visit here to our Habitat since being born, you are the first group I got to meet personally like this. Most do not prefer mingling with those not in command. Though the Dol and their advisors do make the offers, most just turn it away..”

Though Cross was smiling, inside she was fuming because the Cmdr and Lt had followed her. She greeted the woman in the old fashion Japanese way as she had done with Dol ‘’My name is Miriam and these are my friends ‘’ she pointed a finger at Joe ‘’He calls himself Cmdr and ‘’ the doctor did the same to the COS ‘’And this is Lance he calls himself Lt’‘. Her voice was deadly polite.

The inquisitive mother nodded politely to both, “..It is uh good to meet you too..” she said.

Looking at the woman’s attire Cross saw the design ‘’My how lovely it looks, has it been done by hand? And did you do it yourself?’‘ Guess a woman was always a woman, even when it came down to Cross ‘’We also have people who are capable of doing such beautiful and refined motifs .I still remember the table cloths my grandmother had made, though I never knew her ,she was dead by the time I was born ‘’Cross rambled on. Now leaping to another subject ‘’I saw those cute little children playing and it brought such sweet and joyful memories, thus I walked towards you’‘. the doctor explained.

Cross CMO

The woman blinked a bit at the lightening like questions Cross shot her way, feeling down her attire she nodded some, “..The design embraided into it is of my own make yes. But the actual fabrication of the general cloth and braiding of my design was done by another. It was a gift from my husband for our 12th year of being In Union..” She said, evidently ‘In Union’ was their term for married or perhaps family.

Cross nodded every now and then ,so the mother would know the doctor was following the ongoing conversation .

”..I am sorry though to hear about the passing of your elder mother, though um…” She began but Cross had already moved on to another topic before she had replied.

Looking over to where the children had paused their playtime to shyly study the aliens to their habitat and talking, the woman nodded then looked back to Cross. “..Oh well yes, my two children over there,” She said indicating one boy who was probably about 5 or 6, and a girl of maybe of similar age give or take. “..they are the light of my life as well. My husband thankfully is back home right now preparing a meal for this evening. Though he better have gotten the cleaning done too!” She said giving a fond laugh.

The doctor smiled ‘’Believe me I know what you mean, its the same with our partners’‘.

Soqo gave a slight knowing look that probably could be universally translated across all cultures, about how the ‘men folk’ did not do their share of home body work.

Lance pulled a small bag out that was full of chocolate bars. Lance looked at the lady “ will you and the kids like to try a treat from our home world. It is called chocolate” he said with a warm professional smile. He handed cross some also to give out if the lady was ok with it.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Cross jaw fell open with arched eyebrows for she had not known Lance had brought a bag full of chocolate and when he handed her some she gave it back, hoping he’ll realize what she was saying with the non verbal communication. Days before when they woke the boy from the pod back on their ship, Tia had brought him some vegetable soup and juice and Cross had to scan that the food was not going to cause him harm while he consumed it ,since the food found in the sphere was nothing like she had ever seen before .When the Cmdr told Hunter to take the boy for some ice cream, the doctor did not and instead took him to the gym.

One of the men among the women came over at this point also now curious to talk more, at Wolf’s question he studied the chocolate, “..Might I have a piece first? Just to ensure no unruly effects might harm the children?” he asked.

Once the man had a piece in hand, he took a small careful bite of the chocolate. After swallowing two bites and waiting a bit to see if there was any allergic or other obvious harmful reactions he shrugged, looking to the mothers. “..Seems safe enough, it is sweet like the hard bar strips of food they sell for during communal parties. Especially those done by the industrial focused members of the work force..” he said evidently describing some kind of similar sweet food that industrial works ate at communal parties.

At this point Cross held her breath she contemplated and prophesied they where about to drop dead right there and then.

Nodding the now three mothers together also took small pieces just to ensure their children’s safety but after a moment they nodded, the children came over eagerly to accept pieces of their own, and after tentative sniffs, or licks they ate them down. Thankfully no issues seemed to crop up for now....

GM CockRoach

While they ate the chocolate Cross went nearer the COS ‘’If we make it out alive head to my office on the double ‘’ she said in a warning tone.
Now not only did she had those strange hats Cross was obsessed with and wanted to examine but also the consumed chocolate.At that point the doctor wished the grizzly bear had killed her instead of just slashing her left cheek.

Cross Dr.

Lance looked at cross and whispered “ what’s wrong with giving them a little snack” he asked looking at her. He looked over to the man who tasted the chocolate first. “So, you said this is similar to a food you guys eat also” The reason for the chocolate was for a cultural Exchange and find some common ground.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

‘’He said its similar Lt’‘ Cross then decided not to say anything more,the Lt had meant well and the last thing she wanted was to worry him unnecessary .

Joe who was standing and had been for some time with his hands behind his back listening to the conversations now answered the Lieutenant. “I’m relatively sure Lieutenant that neither the cocoa bean nor cows for milk are indigenous to this station Lieutenant. For that reason, only we should be more careful what we do with food products. Though it sounds silly sometimes it’s one of those small things that could cause a good young officer like yourself a lot of trouble with his career if people should start doing something absurd like dropping dead from chocolate. “

Lt.Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

GM CockRoach

Cross said nothing more ,she knew how complicated the digestive system was,enzymes to break down food ,gut bacteria and much much more. At this point she could only hope for the best.

Cross CMO.

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