Medical Evaluation of John LaMarr -

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A nurse called out ‘’Lt John LaMarr ‘’ she looked at the new crewmen present in sickbay and hoped John was there,as doctor Hunter had just finished with the first medical evaluation .
Hunter Dr.

John hears his name, looks at the nurse and moves towards the nurse. ‘ I am Lt John LaMarr i am here for my medical evaluation.’

Lieutennant Jr Grade John LaMarr Engineering.

Th nurse smiled ‘’Please follow me Lt’‘ she turned a corner were there was an empty biobed and pointed at the Chief medical Officer who was standing by with a Padd in hand.
As the crewman got nearer the female doctor looked up ‘’Ah you must be Lt LaMarr, I’m doctor Cross’‘ and extended a hand ‘’Dr Hunter has been called away and I’m taking over ‘’ her tone was gentle and calm ‘’Please lie on the biobed ‘’ .While he did so, Cross attached the diagnostic wand to the medical tricoder ‘’Is there anything I should know before I start?’‘.

OOC: Does the scan pick anything up?.

Cross CMO.

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