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Faith arrived at Sickbay but didn’t want to interrupt Dr Hunter when he was with a patient, so she sat down on a seat near an empty biobed while the screens were pulled closed. She had a tablet to deliver with a list of the medical check-up appointment for today. Faith had always wanted to be a children’s nurse. She often wished that she hadn’t had to drop out of Starfleet Medical, and that she could resume those studies one day. Being a Yeoman doesn’t have many prospects. She’d missed the application date for the current year’s entry once again, so she would be applying for next year.

A nurse who was friends with the Captain’s niece approached her ‘’Faith where have you been? Dr Hunter needed to speak with you..em something to do with the CMO’s evaluation ‘’ the nurse whispered in her ear ‘’Apparently Cross was uncooperative with the doctor’s treatment’‘.

“Where have I been?” repeated Faith, “Err… around… you know? Here and there… just had to feed that cat and he scratched me… Anyway, yes I’ll speak to Miriam when I next see her. I’m here to give Dr. Hunter these medical check-ups that need doing… some new crew just arrived.” She handed over the yeoman’s tablet to the nurse. “Let’s see… err… there is a (jg)Lt. John LaMarr, a crewman Bill Adama, and a crewman Clem Fandango. Maybe a few more. If you could pass that on to him for me?”

‘’Will do’‘ replied the nurse as she took the tablet and jotted down the names on a Padd ‘’ Faith do not speak to Cross,Hunter want to know more about her character that’s the reason he need to see you since you have known her for quite some time, before she even came back again to join the crew’‘.

Just then Hunter approached the nurse ‘’Do please give him some mild painkillers and another two for me cause I feel a headache coming on’‘ he started to rub at his forehead as if that would help.

Before the nurse left with Seth in tow she introduced him to the Yeoman ‘’Doctor this young lady is Faith Cross’s friend,Faith doctor Hunter ‘’the doctor extended his hand ‘’Glad to finally meet you Faith,I have some questions about Cross which maybe only you can answer’‘ then stated ‘’ Whatever is said will stay between you and I’‘.

“Well, I’ll answer your questions,” replied Faith, “but I don’t want to get her into any trouble. What has she supposed to have done?”

‘’Thanks Faith I do appreciate and don’ worry we’re no going to get her in any trouble ‘’Hunter reassured her.

‘’What has she supposed to have done? ‘’
The doctor sat next to Faith ‘’Its what she has not done that’s the problem, he even managed to chuckle ‘’On her first medical evaluation ,she was anorexic ,lacking vital vitamins ,asking her anything was next to impossible so I decided to give her some time for her next medical, though I took some bld samples and told her I will leave a hypospray each day on her desk to administer herself ‘’ at this point he ran his fingers through his hair and signed ‘’When she would leave her office I made it a point to check and yes for the first day or do she did take them but later I noticed she was instead throwing them in the bin ‘’.

He lowered his voice ‘’What I know about her is by looking at her medical data,before Cross left she was healthy in good physical condition but not so much psychological. Yes I know about the gene she inherited and that made her behave in a way she had little control over her actions which at the time was a concern especially to the Captain........ the need for stimulation was too much’‘.

‘’Since she arrived if there is still this need I have yet to observe it,maybe due to the fact that her body has taken its toll to whatever she did after leaving the Merrimack?’‘.

“Then I don’t think I can help you there,” replied Faith. “Our paths haven’t crossed much since she returned. I couldn’t tell you if she has taken her vitamins, much less if she still has a need for this ‘stimulation’ you mention. To be honest, I didn’t really notice such a thing before, just a tendency to be unable to sit still, especially in calm or quiet surroundings, and being unable to concentrate on tasks, and needing excessive physical movement. She’d also talk too much, and would act before she’d even put her mind into gear. She does seem calmer since she’s been back and I haven’t noticed any of those things. She doesn’t interrupt conversations and longer and follows orders now, but she might be just trying much harder than she did before.”

-Faith, Yeoman

Hunter who was siting next to Faith made sure to keep his distance, so as not to intrude in her personal space .He listened quietly without interrupting .

: but she might be just trying much harder than she did before.”

‘’Maybe ‘’ he replied ‘’In the state she’s in there is no way Cross can act like you said she did before ,besides if it does happen there is medication to control her urge for stimulation.....I’ll just keep an eye on her and thanks Faith, you did provide useful and vital information ‘’the doctor stood up ‘’ It’s essential that we keep this conversation between ourselves,if Cross finds out she’ll be furious to say the least! ‘’ .

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