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Posted July 2, 2022, 3:28 p.m. by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) (marthese bugeja)

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Joe looked from Cross to Del Wolf with a worried expression for a moment before speaking. “Mister Del Wolf as I recall from the taste of that last meal and our briefing earlier anyway the people on this habitat as far as we know at present anyway hardly ever if ever go to the planets in this system .” Joe rubbed his chin and asked Cross , “Am I wrong doctor?”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

Cross could confirm from what they had heard those on the habitat rarely if ever went planet side. Based on what they had heard or seen on scans it was usually short stints on sublight capable system crafts to mine ore or the like from the planets or moons.

GM CockRoach

With hands behind her back and eyes lowered down Cross simple replied ‘’ No Cmdr you are not wrong’‘.
Cross CMO.

Joe shrugged and looked from Cross to DelWolf and said, “Ah well, what’s done is done. No need to be crying over spilled cocoa I guess. “

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

Still in the same posture Cross was heard whispering ‘’I hope its as simple as you make it out to be and it won’t be the mothers who do the crying ‘’ she thought about the likelihood course of action the doctor might need to take, that could arise or occur resulting in an event of undesirable consequence.

Cross tried her best not to be so pessimistic and instead focus on the mothers with their tin foil hats and children running around .Her attention went back to the mother ‘’Why does everyone wear those hats? A fashion or necessity ? ‘’ she asked .Was Cross mistaken that Sal did not wear one or was there the probability that she simple forgot.

Cross CMO.

Cross actually would realize after her thought about Sal that she was misremembering, Sal did indeed wear a tin foil hat just like everyone else here, as did Dol. Nothing stood out to separate them above others. She’d also recall Dol mentioning during the brief buffet exchange that the hat’s were an evolution symbol over 600 years old from a time when their ancestors had been enslaved by another species. These hats were like a collar of sorts, and way to separate the slaves from the masters. But as Dol had explained they had eventually overthrown their masters and escaped on ships to eventually after a long time settle here in this system. The hats remained now more as a memory of their past, but now were a symbol of cultural pride and freedom for these people, not a symbol of slavery.

Cross gave an embarrassing smile when she remembered what Dol had said.

”..Oh, it is a symbol of long ago when our ancestors had been enslaved by another alien race on our planet. We eventually overthrew them and escaped on several ships to eventually arrive here and establish this habitat from the remains of those ships and over time build it to what it is now. We now wear these as a sign of freedom, and pride, not as a symbol of slavery..” The woman said confirming what Cross would recall from Dol.

GM CockRoach

‘’That’s truly remarkable,after so much time has passed your people have not forgotten and wears it as a reminder of being free’‘ Cross replied .She was so skeptical about them in the beginning and what was their true hidden agenda, underlying intentions and motives had been but now apart from feeling guilty Cross was actually warming up to them.

Cross CMO.

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