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It seems one of the children then the main teacher a woman, noticed the onlookers, the children seemed to brighten in excitement at something new or strange but also with some shyness too. The main teacher came over to the hallway opening the door and peeking her head out. “..Oh! Councilor Sal, I did not know you were coming by here today, or that the announced alien visitors would be here. Um.....did you want to come in?” the woman asked. Sal looked to the team to see what they would wish to do.

“Oh! Could we?” Cara purred to the XO. She thought that you could learn a lot about a society from the way the children were taught and behaved, and seeing the children in their own environment might answer some of the questions that Joe and Miriam had about their treatment here.


Joe looked from Cara to the children and then back to Cara again. "I don't see how it would hurt things " he said. "As long as no one thinks we will be interrupting their normal routine. "

Lt.Cmdr. Joe Milligan

The main teacher smiled a bit, “..Oh it would not be an interruption at all! Indeed I am sure the children would be delighted to have the chance to meet alien visitors like yourself.” she said opening the door fully to let the group inside.

Once everyone was in the room, the shyness of the children overall seemed to lessen, and a few of the more bolder ones, four in total soon swarmed the group. In particular three of the children seemed to find Cara the most fascinating with her fur, “..Can we touch your arm?” One asked hesitatingly.

The fourth child, a small boy found Lt Grey’s height the most interesting, looking up at the 6‘4 man he said. “..You are really big! Do you hit your head a lot?” he asked.

The other shy children seemed to whisper amongst themselves seeming to try to work up the courage to speak up or approach the others. Their teacher spoke then, “..Now now, settle down everyone!” she said which was echoed by the assistant teacher, “..these are our alien guests on our habitat. Councilor Sal is leading them on a tour.” She explained.

Sal nodded smiling gently to the children, “..Indeed, they come from far away. But their ship that brought them here is just outside our habitat. They seem to be an assortment of nice people who work together much like we do to benefit everyone..” she said.

One of the shy children spoke, “..But....they’re all different species, isn’t that weird?” she asked.

Sal looked to any among the team to fill in the answer, “..Maybe so to us, but perhaps one of our guests would like to answer this?” she said.

GM CockRoach

Joe had watched and listened to the children. Despite what most people might think of Joe’s often gruff demeanor that was something he saved exclusively for adults. For it had been his experience that one or more of those would sooner or later do something to intentionally hurt or undermine you given enough time. Children however he loved no matter who they were.

Joe laughed and smiled broadly as he knelt down to the level of the child who had asked the question. “Well, that’s quite the intelligent question. You’ll go far asking sharp questions like that. But the answer is yes, it is weird. A lot of time we fight just like you must with your brothers and sisters. We argue all of us wanting things done the way we think it should be done. But the thing is we all live in the same part of the sky together. Much the same as you and your brothers or sisters must live in the same place with your parents. So, like you we have to find ways to get along.”

Seeing confusion on some of the children’s faces he motioned the child with the question to come closer. He then held up his index finger and told the child. “Push that backward toward me until I say ouch. Go ahead you can do it.” As soon as the child pressed on Joe’s finger he whimpered out in mock pain. “Okay that was only one of us. “Joe then held up all the fingers on the hand and made a fist. “Now try this is all of us together. It’s called unity, understanding and cooperation.” Joe smiled as the child assaulted his fist and got nowhere.

Lt.Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

The guy wearing the red shirt wondered why the child asked such a question ‘’Cmdr’‘ he whispered ‘’Maybe its possible that he was referring about our different skin color, hair and eyes and the child thinks we are a different species from each other ?’‘ the security finished with a gulp not knowing how the Cmdr was going to react, if not here then back on the ship and was quick to take a few steps back.

NC Red Shirt. (marthese)

Joe gave the red shirt a sideways look complete with the copyrighted Milligan look of astonishment that anyone would ask such a question. “Indeed, that is what I was answering for the child. I’m pretty sure they understood. Each finger a different race or species. Singly not as strong as they all are together. I believe it was used by a fellow name of Winston Churchill if my old Earth history serves me correctly.”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

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