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Posted Aug. 5, 2022, 12:54 p.m. by Ensign Hercules Kahuna (Weapons) (David Fergusson)


After his shift was over Hunter decided to head to the bridge.

It was the graveyard shift on the Bridge. Dariusz was at his post navigation playing his Nostromo lander game again. The alien eggs always got him. Every single time!

The Helmsman had gone to use the toilet.

Kahuna thought that he could get used to sitting in this Captain’s chair. It felt comfortable. So comfortable, that he had almost fallen asleep. There was so little to do while the ship was docked. However, the Captain had insisted that there was always someone on the Bridge, even when docked. He was paranoid about it. It was something about aliens attacking from out of the subspace. Either it was above Kahuna’s paid grade, or else the Captain needed to see a brain doctor, and stat!

As if by magic, the doors swooshed open and a doctor walked onto the Bridge. Kahuna tried to sit up straight and pretend that he hadn’t almost nodded off.

once there [on the Bridge] the doctor made his way towards the Comms officer.

Kahuna looked over. He didn’t really know the new Comms officer yet as she had just arrived. The old Comms officer had gone down with the landing party. She looked very young.

‘’Have you heard anything from the away team?’‘ he asked, not that he was worried or concerned since Hunter knew that the team would not make contact unless it was absolutely necessary beside they had the shuttle and the transporter officer would be able to get a lock on them should anything go wrong.

Hunter realized he had been talking to an empty chair! He rubbed his eyes and realized he badly needed some rest. Looking around the bridge the doctor saw someone sitting in the Captain’s chair and made his way towards him ‘’Excuse me Lt where can I find the Comms officer cause he seems to have disappeared?’‘ asked a rather bleary-eyed doctor.

“She’s o....!” replied Kahuna, but stopped and said, “Oh! I thought she was sitting in her chair. Lt(jg) McKenzie Lovejoy is the new Comms Officer. I could have sworn she was on the Bridge.” Kahuna remembered that he had nodded off for a moment, but he didn’t want to admit to that, given the Captain’s instructions, after what had happened when Dr. Cross was left in charge of the Bridge.


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