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Posted Aug. 6, 2022, 4:54 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


A nurse called out ‘’Lt John LaMarr ‘’ she looked at the new crewmen present in sickbay and hoped John was there,as doctor Hunter had just finished with the first medical evaluation .

John hears his name, looks at the nurse and moves towards the nurse. ‘ I am Lt John LaMarr i am here for my medical evaluation.’

The nurse smiled ‘’Please follow me Lt’‘ she turned a corner were there was an empty biobed and pointed at the Chief medical Officer who was standing by with a Padd in hand.
As the crewman got nearer the female doctor looked up ‘’Ah you must be Lt LaMarr, I’m doctor Cross’‘ and extended a hand ‘’Dr Hunter has been called away and I’m taking over ‘’ her tone was gentle and calm ‘’Please lie on the biobed ‘’ .While he did so, Cross attached the diagnostic wand to the medical tricoder ‘’Is there anything I should know before I start?’‘.

‘No there is not.’ John replied.

As John had said the scan picked nothing up ‘’You’re fit for duty ‘’Cross told him but she was not yet quite finished with the Engineer.

She pulled a chair nearer the biobed ‘’You can sit up if it makes you feel more tell me what made you apply for Star Fleet academy?’‘ she asked with a gleam of interest in her eyes.

John sits up. ‘It is my dream to explore space.’

‘’Okay fare enough ‘’ the female doctor replied ‘’So.. tell me something abut your family and childhood’‘? Cross asked looking at the young man in front of her.

‘I have a father and a mother my father is a retired starfleet officer and my mother is an Doctor on earth, my father always wanted me to step in his footsteps.’ John said to the doctor.

‘’Really?’‘ Cross asked ‘’ Then you’re following in your father’s footsteps ,was he an Engineer too?’‘ .

‘Yes he was.’

At this point the CMO was wondering about John ‘s lack of communication * Was he perhaps shy ?Or due to the fact that the Engineer had just boarded the ship and she knew it could be a little daunting at least for certain individuals *.
One way or another Cross had to find out.So she tried again ‘’Is there anything you would like to ask me ?’‘

‘What do you think of the ship?’ John asked.

’‘ I assume you’re asking about the crew ‘’Cross responded back ‘’The Captain is committed to his work ,he’s inclined to what to know how the crew is dealing with their everyday work no matter in which dept they are stationed .He also has the possession of authority,obligation and responsibility especially with regards to the Federation which he does take quite seriously ‘’.

Cross knew him well enough having been on the Merrimack for years ‘’Just do your job and don’t get into trouble ‘’ the female doctor finished off with a smile.

‘I do that, i try to not blow up engineering, how long are you on the ship?’ John asked.

Cross bit on her lower lip thinking ‘’About ten years I guess .......’‘ she was abruptly stopped by the familiar voice of doctor Hunter who had been listening behind her for the last couple of minutes ‘’Don’t you think you have missed something ? ‘’ he asked with the same soft tone of his.At that point he introduce himself ‘’I’m doctor Hunter and extended his hand ‘’Welcome to the Merrimack Lt’‘.

John shakes doctor Hunter’s hand. ‘It is nice to meet you Lt.’

‘’What have I missed ?’‘ the female doctor asked a bit bewildered .Hunter tapped her on her back ‘’Its okay Cross I’ll fill him in. Lt LeMarr you would need to see the Cmdr as well after the medical ,now he’s the kind of guy that smile, crack a joke before taking you by surprise in what he’ll say next …I of all people would know.Now if you don’t want me to be seen with a bucket and a toothbrush don’t dare tell him what I said’‘ Hunter finished off as he rubbed at his chin.
While Cross rolled her eyes and signed.

‘Alright i do that immediately when i am done.’ John said.

‘’Well from our side you are done here ‘’ Cross responded ‘’ Check if the Cmdr is in his office or use your transmitter to make an appointment ‘’.

‘Alright doctor, have a nice day.’ John said and he got up from the biobed and left sickbay.

Lieutenant Jr Grade John LaMarr Engineering

A few minutes later, his communicator received a pop-up message, “The Captain will see you now. Deck 2. Corridor 1. “

-Glen, CO

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