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Posted by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Habitat - Cross/Wolf Relaxing

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‘’So what’s your name nurse?’‘ the doctor asked ‘’This is Lance and I’m Miriam’‘ and the ever inquisitive Cross asked ‘’What made you choose nursing?’‘

The shy nurse smiled a little, “..I am glad to meet you both. My name is Valan. I got into the medical field with a focus on younger child care because I have always enjoyed taking care of children and others growing up in my formative years. My talents also in such an area were also recognized during this time as suitable for this and similar fields so it was a natural fit..” she said.

Cross did not interrupt Valan and only spoke when she had finished ‘’ Nurses should be held in high esteem ,valued and respected,from my point of view nursing is not just any other job but more of a vocational career . Having a kind and empathetic nature to care for the patients, yet few are aware of their contribution and responsibility in the medical field’‘ the doctor’s thoughts went back to when she started working in the ER back on Earth where not many considered the important role they played to the point of not even acknowledging them.

Lance pulled out a protein bar and handed it to cross. “ you can have that or some of the chocolate that I brought” he said keeping his eyes open. “ how long have you not been feeling well“ he asked.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

  • I feel so darn tired * Cross was thinking as Lance offered her the protein bar ‘’Thanks Lt,I could do with more then one ‘’ and it did not take her long to rip the wrapper and eat it ‘’she looked sheepishly at him remembering how agitated she had been for bringing the chocolates down with him.

The female doctor gave a heavy sigh before responding ‘’For quite some time actually.when I left the ship I just wondered around going from one place to another .Mostly roaming in the wilderness ,though occasionally I would find myself in a remote village or some persons camping but never stayed for long ‘’.

With Sleepy eyes Cross rested her head on his shoulder ‘’Guess not eating much and the miles I walked was to much for my body to take, once I thought I was invincible …yeah almighty and unstoppable ‘’ the last words Cross uttered in a whisper ‘’What a fool I was and in a sense still am’‘ .

Cross CMO.

Lance let her rest “ go ahead and take 30 minutes when you wake up we can find some food…. how long has it been since you had a decent meal” he asked concerned. He pulled the last two protein bars out of his bag for her.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

‘’Mmm…?.’‘ Cross asked as she turned her head and on seeing the two bars picked them up but only managed to consume half of one bar before feeling full.

‘’I starting eating more healthy food since I came back about two weeks ago ,hey don’t worry about me I’ll be fine’‘ the doctor replied before closing her eyes again for a couple of seconds,on remembering Lance’s own problem Cross inquired ‘’How’s your eye Lt? Does it still hurt?’‘ .

Cross CMO.

Lance rubbed his Temple close to his implant “no it doesn’t I was able to lower the input abit so it is fine now but I need to worry about you because I never leave a comrade behind” he said looking at her.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Her face wore a gentle grin ‘’What can I say!’‘ Cross exclaimed wondering if her lack of strength brought her one new friend ‘’I wish that Sal had not reported what happened to the Captain ‘’ biting hard on the inside of her cheek the doctor started to worry. Would Glen be very angry, upset, displeased or annoyed? Especially when he finds out she had declined and refused Hunter’s evaluation and the treatment recommended to improve and restore her health.

At this point she closed her eyes again trying to get rid of distressing thoughts …but who was she kidding, knowing Hunter was not about to mince his words when he finds out.

Cross CMO.

Lance was thinking but then he said “ worry about the things that you can’t change ” he looked at her “ if you keep on worrying about things that are out of your control like you getting sick or feeling unwell you can’t change that just like I can’t change the problem with my eyes sometimes. So you need to relax and get some rest don’t worry I’ll keep an eye out for you” he said warmly.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

‘’But Lance that’s the problem I can better my condition’‘ she was opening up to Lance which she rarely did with anyone except her old friend Faith ‘’ The thing is had I taken the medication which Hunter prescribed I would be on the road to recovery by now ‘’.

Valan left briefly during this exchange, soon returning after a few minutes. “..Sorry about that I needed to check on a print out for some paperwork I need to do later, make sure the printing machine did not jam up..” she explained.

Taking a seat she looked to both, “..So um, Miriam and Lance, what is it you two do for your people?” she inquired curiously.

GM CockRoach

‘’I’m a doctor and Lance is .........’‘ she stopped to let him speak.

Cross CMO.

“ I am the chief of security and I’m also in charge of Tactical operations on board our vessel” he said not giving to much away.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Since she found the opportunity Cross was not about to let it go ‘’Valan do you think we can visit your hospital ,as a doctor myself maybe we can learn from each other?’‘ she finished off with a hopeful look on her face.

Cross CMO.

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