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Posted Aug. 7, 2022, 3:20 a.m. by David Fergusson


As Lovejoy came aboard the Merrimack, she thought it was best to go to sickbay and placed her physical before going onto her duty station on the bridge. She knew that it was best to come to the doctor first. As she walked into sickbay she said “Hello. Lt. Junior Grade Lovejoy here for a physical before going to duty.”

Lt. Lovejoy coms.

A nearby nurse heard her and made a beeline towards the new crew member ‘’Hi I’m nurse Kate would you please follow me ‘’ she looked the part of a pampered matron commonly displayed in society magazine,especially since she was about to go to that handsome doctor whom Kate adored, aside from the fact that Hunter never gave her a second glance.

‘’Doctor for a medical evaluation’‘ she said pointing to the Lt .Without raising his eyes from the Padd which the doctor was holding he just acknowledged with a simple nod.
‘’I’m doctor Hunter ‘’ he said by way of introduction ,now pointing to an empty biobed ‘’Just hop on and make yourself comfortable ‘’Hunter told Lovejoy with his usual soft voice.

Hunter never saw the nurse running to the bathroom as she wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her uniform.

Hunter Dr.

“Of course”. She said as she walked to a biobed and sat down.

Lt. Lovejoy

’‘ Lt, please do lay down for your medical and is there anything I should know beforehand ? ‘’Hunter asked, as he attached the diagnostic wand to the medical tricoder. Looking down at her he realized how relatively young she was,the doctor as usual would start a conversation during a medical for his own peace of mind which he considered an essential psychological assessment .

‘’So what made you join Star Fleet?’‘.

Hunter Dr.

“Well doctor. What made me want to join Star Fleet was cause I looked at records of James T. Kirk joining cause of Christopher Pike. And I felt like it was the best way ever.” She said.

Lt. Lovejoy

Hunter tried to process what she had just said ‘’ Meaning you joined star fleet cause of Kirk saving Pike ? ‘’ the doctor questioned ‘’ And that’s all, nothing else?’‘

‘’Will talk about this later on ,so anything I need to know before I’ll star scanning?’‘ .

Hunter Dr.
OOC : We have to check with Dave if what you said is in the Merrimack’s era

OOC: The USS Kelvin Timeline, with Nero and the destruction of Vulcan, and where Kirk joins Starfleet late because he saves Pike is an alternative reality that we know nothing about on the Merrimack. You didn’t discuss with me anything about Lovejoy being from an alternative reality, and if that is what you meant, then I’m going to have to negate it. If you mean Kirk taking the crippled Pike to Talos IV, then that was Spock not Kirk, and it is a top secret (General Order 7) which we also know nothing about on the Merrimack, so I’ll have to negate that too.

If you meant something else then do please explain. While we know lots of secrets on the Merrimack, and we have travelled to he Andromeda Galaxy and time-travelled to the future and the past, there are still many things that we don’t know, and I have to keep anachronisms out of this role-playing.

I have to say, that in any case, it would also be quite odd to lightly drop into a conversation in that way, that you come from an alternative reality. Also, you never gave me a biography for McKenzie and you didn’t discuss with me that you are “Russian”. Your name isn’t particularly “Russian” so I’m sure someone is going to ask you about this. Doctor Miriam Cross is particularly nosey in that regard. I’m looking forward to reading a full explanation.


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