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Posted Aug. 8, 2022, 2:36 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


The runner made notes on a pad of paper, and then seeing no other responses were coming nodded to all three and took his leave rushing off back out the door.

Based on this observation it seems the station either lacked inter-habitat wireless communication methods or more likely it was limited to more urgent or emergency message use/times.

Glen thought that was interesting; the lack of sub-space radio hyper channels, or even of a more simple communication by electromagnetic waves, could be a reason why the Habitat was so isolated and alone. It was doubtful that the UFP would exist without some form of communication over the vast distances between its member worlds. In fact, in Earth’s history, it was wireless communication that brought isolated parts of the planet together rather than travel. Glen had also read that the first object that man had ever sent into Earth’s orbit captivated people by it’s radio broadcast rather than by being seen. Glen thought that a simple 20th Century radio communications system would be something that Tia could easily develop for them without breaking any rules.

After the runner had left, Dol turned back to the pair, “..I do hope your Doctor Cross is ok. I am told by my personal doctor that he and others like him often make the worst patients themselves..” he said with a wry chuckle.

“Yes, our doctors are exactly the same,” laughed Glen in reply. “I’m sure Doctor Cross will be okay and has just skipped a few meals.”

” either case where were we?” he asked.

Glen thought that Tia should have the opportunity to reply, given that it was her idea, and it would be her benevolence if it could take place. “Would you like to answer that,” Glen asked Tia.

Tia was surprised a moment when the Captain passed the question to her. “Ummm, actually, I had a question about the messenger. Why don’t you use communication badges or an intercom system? It seems, such as this case, that it would have expedited things.” It never occurred to her that Glen would be thinking the same thing.

Glen found it equally odd that Tia had wondered the same thing as he had. They do say great minds think alike!

“And I also wanted to know, if you will forgive me being blunt, but might I be allowed to stay and help with the building project? I wouldn’t be able to give you any great leap of technology. But I’d like to learn and perhaps be an Envoy until the Federation is able to bring in someone more diplomatically suitable.” She laughed slightly at her personal admission to probably not making the best Federation Ambassador.

Glen said nothing but showed his approval of the idea in his silence.

-Glen, CO

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