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Glen thought that Tia should have the opportunity to reply, given that it was her idea, and it would be her benevolence if it could take place. “Would you like to answer that,” Glen asked Tia.

Tia was surprised a moment when the Captain passed the question to her. “Ummm, actually, I had a question about the messenger. Why don’t you use communication badges or an intercom system? It seems, such as this case, that it would have expedited things.” It never occurred to her that Glen would be thinking the same thing.

Glen found it equally odd that Tia had wondered the same thing as he had. They do say great minds think alike!

”..We do actually have such devices, however, we use messengers like that one for less urgent or life threatening needs day to day. It allows those skilled in athletics to not only contribute to the day to day running of our station but also remain in top shape for their own sports or entertainment purposes. Were the message life threatening to your Doctor Cross, or were needing up to the second information on say a problem with a system report. Those would be sent by audio traffic or by information displays on the associated panels..” Dol explained.

“And I also wanted to know, if you will forgive me being blunt, but might I be allowed to stay and help with the building project? I wouldn’t be able to give you any great leap of technology. But I’d like to learn and perhaps be an Envoy until the Federation is able to bring in someone more diplomatically suitable.” She laughed slightly at her personal admission to probably not making the best Federation Ambassador.

Glen said nothing but showed his approval of the idea in his silence.

-Glen, CO

Dol seemed a bit surprised at the request. “..Hmm, I must admit to my recollection no alien visitor to our habitat has ever requested such for more then a week or so. I personally would not be against it but I would feel best if I discuss this with my advisors. But barring any unexpected issues or questions, I will provisionally agree to your request..” He said. Then looked to Glen, “.. I suppose this solves my follow up statement of wishing to open an offer of further contact and trade with your Federation to some degree..” he said.

While they were speaking off near the rear of the command center a paper printer was chugging out some kind of report. With a final beep beep, the female crew members near it tore it off and seemed to read it. Turning in her chair, she spoke, “..Excuse my interruption Dol. But the latest voting tallies for the next cultural councilor, and media news councilor have been printed..” She said. “..Do you wish to hear the results?”

Dol seemed quite interested in this turn of events, but looked to Tia and Glen, “..One moment please..” he said. Then nodded to the woman to continue.

Looking down to the print out she spoke, “..The final tallies for our next cultural councilor show 2119 votes for Councilor Sal, and 2009 votes for the hopeful Boral from district 13. Out of the total 4232 eligable voters 104 did not vote. But given even if all of them did vote for Boral he would not have enough votes to win the majority he has bowed out and accepted the final results. So your wife Sal will be remaining as our Cultural Councilor until the next election challenge..” She said.

Dol seemed pleased at this news but nodded, “..I am sure she will be quite happy to see those results later. And for the media news councilor?” He asked.

”..Final tallies for the media news councilor role are still being counted. But so far both hopefuls for the position, Welk from CPCN’s broadcasting and Vusda from CHNA broadcasting are currently standing at 2323 for Welk and 2368 for Vusda, there are still 309 eligible voters able to cast their choices until 5 hours from now. For our guests, and as you know Dol, the current position holder has not deemed to run again, Beni, from HCNN.” She said.

Dol nodded, “..The media news councilor roles are almost always a close race. A pity that Beni only wished to hold the role for 2 years but that is his choice. Given his desire to be with his aging father of late I can understand his stance. I will miss his drive for bringing lively entertainment in our weekly social newscasts though..” Dol said with a chuckle. Turning then back to Glen and Tia, “..Well then anything else you two may wish to ask me or see?” he inquired.

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