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“She’s o....!” replied Kahuna, but stopped and said, “Oh! I thought she was sitting in her chair. Lt(jg) McKenzie Lovejoy is the new Comms Officer. I could have sworn she was on the Bridge.” Kahuna remembered that he had nodded off for a moment, but he didn’t want to admit to that, given the Captain’s instructions, after what had happened when Dr. Cross was left in charge of the Bridge.

With both hands on his hips Hunter looked down at Kahuna ‘’Oh I forgot to tell you McKenzie has the ability to disappear ,just go over the comm until she returns just in case the away team need to make contact and should anything happen inform me I’ll be in sickbay’‘ the doctor said with a stern tone.

As he left the bridge Hunter muttered to himself ‘’Might as well take a rest in sickbay, since I’m spending most of my time there!’‘.

Kahuna did as instructed and reluctantly got out of the Captain’s chair, to cross over to the Communication station. Doctor Hunter had seniority over him, but only in regards to time served. Kahuna was taking his Command Officer’s exams soon, and had clocked up a lot of Command time in the last few weeks. He doubted that Hunter was ready for the Chair; he doubted that he even knew the chairs companel from the Red Alert button!

He thought he would find out where those missing crew had gotten to. =/\= Helmsman NE Fandango and Communcations Officer Lt(jg) Lovejoy, please report to the Bridge =/\=

-Kahuna, Weapons

Things on the bridge were quite quiet. Not much was happening over the past few hours on the ship or externally on sensors within the system. As another couple of hours ticked by NE Barns at one of the aft auxiliary consoles rubbed his eyes. Then has he had done for each half hour of his shift, leaned over to peer through the ship’s long range scanners to see if anything interesting was happening. Rotating the dials on the scope he did eventually a 360 degree view around the ship out to the max visual scanning range. “..Huh…well that wasn’t there an hour ago..” he muttered to himself.

Still peering into the visual scope he worked some dials to try to get a better focus on what he was seeing, as he did so he spoke up to whoever was the officer in charge right now on the bridge. “..Uh, so I’m picking up a possible ship about 8 light years out. Its currently moving at about warp 2.3 on a heading possibly towards this system if it doesn’t change course..” he said finally getting a clearer picture on scans. With it in focus and some surprise he flipped a switch to direct the result up onto the main view screen. The ship appeared to be like an elongated three leveled arrowhead. In between the top and bottom layers were angular conical shaped devices that seemed to be the ship’s warp or similar nacelle housings. Connecting all three pointed levels in the center was a large spherical hull. The hull’s coloring was a bright silver tone which had an odd glittering like effect visually in passing light sources. “..There’s no ID in the database, probably an unknown species from out in this region..” he said then turned back to the scanners.

”..Long as it doesn’t change course or accelerate its speed, it’ll be here in 3 or so days. Exact readings are hard to tell at this distance, but the craft is powered by some manner of matter/antimatter reaction for sure. Maybe about 40-70 or so life signs. No signatures of weapons, but visually I would bet those forward protruding ports at the front conceal some kind of torpedoes or something. And those green lit banks in patterns along the top and bottom I’d put good credits being some kind of energy weapon. Wish I could give you more but the distance is too great for anything better..” Barns said.

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