Reporting to sickbay

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (Doctor) in Reporting to sickbay

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As Lovejoy came aboard the Merrimack, she thought it was best to go to sickbay and placed her physical before going onto her duty station on the bridge. She knew that it was best to come to the doctor first. As she walked into sickbay she said “Hello. Lt. Junior Grade Lovejoy here for a physical before going to duty.”

A nearby nurse heard her and made a beeline towards the new crew member ‘’Hi I’m nurse Kate would you please follow me ‘’ she looked the part of a pampered matron commonly displayed in society magazine, especially since she was about to go to that handsome doctor whom Kate adored, aside from the fact that Hunter never gave her a second glance.

‘’Doctor for a medical evaluation’‘ she said pointing to the Lt .Without raising his eyes from the Padd which the doctor was holding he just acknowledged with a simple nod.
‘’I’m doctor Hunter ‘’ he said by way of introduction ,now pointing to an empty biobed ‘’Just hop on and make yourself comfortable ‘’Hunter told Lovejoy with his usual soft voice.

Hunter never saw the nurse running to the bathroom as she wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her uniform.

“Of course”. She said as she walked to a biobed and sat down.

’‘ Lt, please do lay down for your medical and is there anything I should know beforehand ? ‘’Hunter asked, as he attached the diagnostic wand to the medical tricoder. Looking down at her he realized how relatively young she was,the doctor as usual would start a conversation during a medical for his own peace of mind which he considered an essential psychological assessment .

‘’So what made you join Star Fleet?’‘.

Hunter Dr.

“It was something I felt like joining cause I felt like it was the best thing for me to do.” She said.

Lt. Lovejoy

Hunter smiled ‘’You have just reminded me of why I had joined the academy ,much to my parents disappointment’‘ he chuckled ‘’ It’s been awhile since I spoke to my poor mother, I must do so on the first available opportunity ‘’ the doctor finally started to scan the young crew member.

OOC: Does the scan pick anything up?

Hunter Dr.

“Of course doctor,” as she kind of blushed for some odd reason as she smiled.

OOC: All clear.

Lt. Lovejoy

‘’You are cleared from the medical side ‘’Hunter told her ‘’Your next step is to make an appointment with the Cmdr ,I hope you’ll find the Merrimack crew in a satisfactory way,honest,welcoming and pleasant ‘’ .

Then he remembered the darn Cmdr and Cross who he was sure where put on the ship to make his life a misery ‘’The best way to get to know more crew is definitely in the Lounge or gym ‘’ and since she’ll be working on the bridge will get to know the Captain.The doctor was about to ask her how she was Russian with the name McKenzie but decided it was not important.

Hunter shook her hand one last time before she was ready to leave sickbay.

OOC: You can open a side sim to see the Cmdr in his office,with the title Alt time line.

Hunter Dr.

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