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Posted Aug. 9, 2022, 3:51 p.m. by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) (marthese bugeja)

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Valan left briefly during this exchange, soon returning after a few minutes. “..Sorry about that I needed to check on a print out for some paperwork I need to do later, make sure the printing machine did not jam up..” she explained.

Taking a seat she looked to both, “..So um, Miriam and Lance, what is it you two do for your people?” she inquired curiously.

GM CockRoach

‘’I’m a doctor and Lance is .........’‘ she stopped to let him speak.

Cross CMO.

“ I am the chief of security and I’m also in charge of Tactical operations on board our vessel” he said not giving to much away.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Since she found the opportunity Cross was not about to let it go ‘’Valan do you think we can visit your hospital ,as a doctor myself maybe we can learn from each other?’‘ she finished off with a hopeful look on her face.

Cross CMO.

”..Well visiting the local hospital without supervision from one of the councilors with aliens such as yourselves is kind of a no-no. So you would have to wait for Councilor Sal to return with your group. But I could show you our nursing ward here at the school? Beyond the more high end surgical tools and such, it is similarly equipped for any more general medical needs, especially those related to the children..” She offered.

GM CockRoach

Darn Cross thought still keeping her smile on ‘’We don’t want to get you in any trouble ,the nursing ward at the school would do’‘ she said in a manner that was appropriate to the circumstances they had found themselves in .

‘’Isn’t that so Lt Lance?’‘.

Cross CMO.

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