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Posted Aug. 9, 2022, 7:48 p.m. by Major Stanley Wong (Professor of Psychiatric Medicine) (Bob Spicer)

Professor Stanley Wong was confused, tired and was quite certain that the contents of his stomach might leave him at any moment. Even with artificial gravity and all the other amenities on shuttles they were small. A small thing in the emptiness of space. It was a thought that quite frankly made Stanley a bit queasy. He now was finding himself pulling along his bags behind him as he looked for someone to give him directions to wherever someone thought he should have a cabin at. That and of course to check in with the captain and to let security know he was around.

The professor wasn't the sort of man whom people would think might get things done for himself. Quite the opposite. Standing at only five feet four inches tall and weighing a mere one hundred and fifteen pounds he was the sort of person that many always volunteered to help. Thus, it was he found himself struggling with his luggage and his stomach as he walked down the aisle outside of the landing bay. Professor Stanly Wong

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