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Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 6:07 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Joe Milligan (XO) (Bob Spicer)

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Joe took a quick look around the area and hoped as well that that the new COS would survive being alone with Miriam. Turning his attention to the children once more he smiled and idly answered a few more of their questions. Many showing the mental sharpness and intuitiveness that only the young from anyplace managed to possess.

One of the children spoke up then once given permission by the assistant teacher, her attention seemed focused on the Cara, “..Um…how come you are so fuzzy? My great grand-mom told me a story once before she died when I was really young. She said once when she was just a bit older then me now. That some alien guests had come through on a big grey colored ship and they were not so friendly at first. But the Dol at the time, she was able to convince them that making trouble with us was not to their advantage and they calmed down. So then when two of the aliens came aboard, they had a third one that was really short! But she had fuzzy furry skin like you, but it was all white and um....she did not have a tail I think? Uh, the aliens decided to buy some supplies we had in excess and the Dol, she refused to accept other things in trade until the furry woman was part of the deal. After a bit more arguing the furry woman was exchanged with some other things in trade..” She said.

Sal spoke, “..I believe the child refers to a visit a bit under 100 years ago locally here. The race were representing a slaver union called ‘The Guild’, that has since been destroyed by other major powers in this religion we later learned..” She explained.

The girl nodded, “..Yes The Guild! That was it but um…” seeming to collect her question she turned back to Cara, “..sadly the furry lady passed away not long after they left because of her injuries being too bad for us to care for and not understanding her body and stuff. Um....but my question is are the people you are with they aren’t slave owners right? We don’t like slavers..” she asked.

“I’m very sorry to hear about the fate of the furry lady, but no we are not!” replied Cara to the child’s question, “We belong to the United Federation of Planets, and we have rules that say there can be no slavery any longer on any of those hundreds of planets. However, I’m sorry to say that there was slavery in the past, and there is still slavery on planets who are not members of the UFP. Like you, we also don’t like forcing a being into servitude against their will and without compensation, and we will act against it when we are able to and have the power to do so.”

-Cara Meow.

The words of Cara seemed to bring smiles of appreciation to the children, clearly the idea of being anti-slavery and such was deeply engrained in their society and taught strongly from a young age. Sal at this point turned back to the XO, “..Well I am sure we have held up these darling children’s class time enough. Unless any of you got further questions for them or the teachers. Perhaps we should continue on to one of the Seed Pod facilities?” She offered.

A few ‘awwws’ came from the children, likely hoping to get out of more paper work lectures or such to find their alien visitors of more interest.

GM CockRoach

Joe loved the reaction of the children. He was pretty sure it wasn’t him they would miss but still they were cute. And the mention of the seed Pod facility quite frankly made his skin crawl and his fists to clench in an automatic reflex. His distaste of their seed pod program was magnified even more after meeting their children. Joe’s tolerance of anyone who treated the future of their civilization so poorly could be measured only in negative numbers. He got hold of himself then and said to Sal, “Yes there are several of our crew curious to see your seed pod program.”

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