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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (Doctor) in Looking for help open to all
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Professor Stanley Wong was confused, tired and was quite certain that the contents of his stomach might leave him at any moment. Even with artificial gravity and all the other amenities on shuttles they were small. A small thing in the emptiness of space. It was a thought that quite frankly made Stanley a bit queasy. He now was finding himself pulling along his bags behind him as he looked for someone to give him directions to wherever someone thought he should have a cabin at. That and of course to check in with the captain and to let security know he was around.

The professor wasn’t the sort of man whom people would think might get things done for himself. Quite the opposite. Standing at only five feet four inches tall and weighing a mere one hundred and fifteen pounds he was the sort of person that many always volunteered to help. Thus, it was he found himself struggling with his luggage and his stomach as he walked down the aisle outside of the landing bay.

Professor Stanly Wong

The Ship’s Dentist, Adebowale Mbala, was making his way back from the Fantail Lounge where he had won big at Poker again, smoking one of his large cigars that the rest of the crew hated so much. In fact, he was rarely to be found in his small treatment room, off Sickbay, as there is so little work for him to do. At least, not since that one time they had discovered the parasitic calcareous aliens.

When Ade saw the unfamiliar man struggling with his luggage cases he naturally offered to help him. “Hey there! You must be new here because I thought I’d met everyone aboard, or at least I’ve seen the inside of their mouths… err, I’m the Dentist by the way, just if that sounded like a strange remark! You shouldn’t need to carry those. We have anti-grav sledges that will do that.” Ade took hold of one of the cases with one hand but was unable to lift it. “What the hell! What do you have in these cases? They weigh a ton!”

-Ade, Dentist

Maybe the professor [and Ade] could hear someone whistling or maybe not but he would soon see who it was, as Hunter turned the corner the doctor frowned wondering who this guy was.

He had left sickbay to make his way back to the bridge to see why no one cared to inform him about some ship making its way towards them and he had to hear it from another source. Didn’t Hunter tell them to keep him informed? And the reason was simple… for sickbay to be prepared should a serious, unexpected, and maybe a dangerous situation would require immediate action from the part of the medical personal.

As he saw the [two men] struggling Hunter was quick to give [them] a hand, at 6‘7 the doctor towered over [the smaller] man ‘’Here let me help you with your luggage Sir ‘’ without even waiting for an answer Hunter took all his luggage and he could pick up the man too which obviously the doctor did not ‘’I’m doctor Hunter Sir, which quarters shall I take the luggage ?’‘ he asked looking at the guy’s face ,which to the sharp eye of any doctor Hunter had to ask this man if he felt sick.

Hunter Dr.

Stanley heard the man’s voice and turned he smiled at him and began to speak. As his mouth opened to speak however the ship's dentist emitted a cloud of toxic vapors and began to speak. And continue to speak. Stanley frowned as he tried to keep up with what the man was saying. He attempted to tell the man that he was new and would have to ask someone such as himself to get such a thing as an anti-grav sled. But instead continued to smile and listen.

Finally, as the man took what was his heaviest case from him Stanley got the chance to speak when the fellow asked about his case. What might have been disconcerting was when Stanley, an obvious Asian fellow spoke English in an Italian accent saying “Oh! I am a bit old fashioned I’m afraid. I enjoy the security of paper instead of the gamble of a computer. Those are many of my patient studies, my journals and a couple of medical books. He then waved the smoke from his face and said to Ade, “Is that the Altairian green leaf you’re smoking?”

Before Ade could answer however there was the sound of whistling and the appearance of a very large fellow. As he too offered to help with his luggage Stanley smiled broadly saying, “Ah Grazie, Rigazio molto.” Then catching himself he smiled saying, “Thank you I mean. I’m sorry it’s been a long ride out.” He gave Hunter the deck and the number of his cabin and then said in his calm amused voice, “No no I am not sick. Merely very tired. “I am Stanley, Stanley Wong.” The name Hunter rang a bell with Stanley. He was pretty sure that he was on one of his lists somewhere.

‘’Its okay I do understand Italian but speaking it non molto bene’‘ he managed to reply.

‘’What the hell!’‘ Hunter exclaimed ‘’Don’t you know there is only one space in the Lounge for smoking ‘’ the doctor passed a hand beginning from his forehead down to his chin ‘’he usually did that when irritated ,it helped him from the urge of punching someone ‘’Do you want the smoke detectors to go off or what!’‘.

Turning back to Ade, Stanley said to him with a smile, “If you must smoke and don’t like Earth blends you should try a Centauri Black blend! “Turning then to Hunter he asked in his accented English, “Doctor you say? You’re not the Chief Medical officer by any chance, are you?” And then with a swish of the loose green slacks and long matching baggy pullover top with of all thing sandals on his feet he scurried after Hunter trying to keep up with the man.

Professor Stanley Wong

‘’So Mr Stanley which dept shall you be working at and no for now I’m acting as the CMO ,as she is with the away team …Cross is her name ‘’ the doctor tried to slow down his pace.

Hunter Dr.

Stanley scratched his head and frowned as he followed behind Hunter. ” Hmmm? Oh no you misunderstand! My first name is Stanley! Call me Stan if you wish. My full name is Stanley Wong.” Stanley thought about what Hunter had asked and scratched his chin as if in deep thought.” Well technically I am not attached to any particular department. But for the sake of record keeping and such matters if someone is looking out after such things, I suppose I would be a temporary transfer to the medical department. And of course, if one wanted to get truly technical, I would be Major Professor Stanley Wong M.D., Ph.D., and Psy.D,. ” Stanley laughed a small friendly laugh as he clapped his hands together saying,” That’s a lot of letters, isn’t it? Just call me Stanley!”

‘’Yes indeed there is ‘’Hunter responded back ‘’Am I correct ,you have a PH.D in psychiatry? And you will be stationed in Sickbay?’‘ the doctor asked restraining himself from moaning and instead babbled something incoherently.

As they got onto the turbolift Stanley told Hunter. “Actually, the rank of Major was given to me so that officers wouldn’t try to order me around and I could pretty much do as I pleased and not have to worry about all the concern with rank that you people have. Star Fleet wanted us to work with their people but didn’t want to handle the paperwork, so they stuck us under the command of the Earth Defense Forces.” Switching his direction then Stanley asked Hunter. So doctor do you enjoy your job here on the Merrimac?”

Professor Stanley Wong.

’‘ How is that possible Mr Stan,you mean neither the Captain nor the Cmdr can give you any orders ?’‘ Hunter asked with his usual soft tone and rather baffled since this was all new to him.

As they stopped at his allocated quarters , Hunter put down the Professor’s luggage ‘’Yes I definitely do ,after all its what I wanted to be, a doctor ‘’ he was about to ask which office the psychiatrist had in mind to use while in sickbay but refrained as he thought of Cross.
‘’Well Sir is there anything else I can do for you?’‘ Hunter inquired.

Hunter Dr.

" Yes, that is correct." Wong replied as he wondered why Hunter kept calling him Stan. " I am here as a ... shall we say a totally neutral observer and helper. But believe me I am not here to hinder or to interfere in any way at all. "

” No, no, my good doctor you have helped me quite enough and I thank you profusely. ” The little man grabbed Huntter’s hand then and started to shake it as if it were a pump handle on a well as he gushed saying, “Perhaps as soon as I get settled in you and I can have a talk? Get to know one another. I have always found it easier to do a job with the help of someone who knows their way around such as yourself. “Pausing then and letting go of Hunters hand he then said, “But I keep you from your work! Good evening my friend!”

Professor Stanley Wong

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