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Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 6:52 p.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


As Lovejoy came on board she thought that she should go and meet the captain of her very first assignment. She was smiling and then came up to the captain as she got to the bridge. “Lt. J.G. McKenzie Lovejoy reporting for duty sir.” As she stood at attention. She was awaiting for the captain to tell her to stand at ease.

“You must be the new Communications Officer, to replace Ferris Kinton.” Glen replied. “It’s okay, you can stand down. Commander Milligan generally deals with the crew schedules, but I do like to meet every officer, so I’m glad you came to see me. He’ll probably ask you to get familiar with the Bridge first, but you had best ask him. How did you find the journey here? We are a long way from Earth to come in a shuttle!”

“Yes sir. I’m the new communications officer sir. I ended up finding the journey here sir is a transport allowed me to jump on their ship then they allowed me to have a shuttle and come on board sir. You may take a look at it. It’s in the shuttle bay right now sir.” She said.

“Right, well we’ll have to return it to them sometime,” Glen replied. “In the meantime, we are still patrolling out here on the edges of Federation Space. We have already met Alstaireans and are now on our way to another planet with an alien child. There is plenty of work for a good linguist and our current Communications Officer is leaving.”

“I see from your record you were born in Russian, but your name suggests a more Gaelic origin?” Glen asked. “Did you have Scottish parents? My parents were Scottish too, though I was born on Alpha Centauri Major.”

“Yes sir that was correct.” She said with a smile and with an accent. “I was actually adopted by Scottish parents. My real parents were Russian but they have died. Although, my Scottish parents allowed me to join Star-Fleet.” She added.

Glen wanted to say that it was so sad not to have parents when you are young, and that family was very important, but he would be a complete hypocrite, given how long ago it was since he had last seen Iain, or Iain’s mother Andromeda. So, instead he mumbled some platitude, “Life is a mystery!”

“Well, you had better stow your gear and then get along to see the XO and get your duty roster,” Glen said. “I expect that I’ll be seeing you regularly on the Bridge?”

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