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Tinga had decided she wanted everything official done with her check in before seeing her quarters. Walking into sickbay she tried to remember who the CMO was.

  • Tinga

A female doctor saw the Andorian enter and headed towards her ‘’Can I help you Lt?’‘ marthese asked in a polite manner.
Marthese Dr.

“My name is Lieutenant Tinga. I’m here for my boarding check in.” she said offering a hand.

The doctor took the offered hand ‘’I’m doctor Marthese ‘’ she replied back,at that moment Cross was coming out of her office and made her way towards them .

Tinga’s skin was a bit more pale than most Andorians people may have been used to seeing. Her blue eyes always seem clear and alert, and she had a wiry build. Her silver hair had flecks of lavender and came to about her shoulders. Her antennae were a bit longer than normal also.

  • Tinga, Comms.

Th ensign introduced them ‘’Lt Tinga this is the CMO doctor Cross ‘’ Cross smiled and extended a hand ‘’I would assume you’re here for your medical,would you please make yourself comfortable’‘ Cross said in a neutral tone while pointing to a vacant biobed.

‘’My isin’t she beautiful ‘’the other doctor whispered at which point the CMO just nodded ‘’Lt Tinga ,from the color of your skin its seems you have Aenar ancestry …any problems with your eyesight ‘’ Cross asked attaching the diagnostic wand to the medical tricoder .

Cross Dr.

Tinga shook hands quickly and made her way to the bio bed. She was pleasantly surprised that Cross was so quick to ask about her heritage.

“No, absolutely none. It’s kind of a surprise to me too.” she said.

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