Sickbay Stanley Wong gets an office! Attn. Doctor Cross

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Posted by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay Stanley Wong gets an office! Attn. Doctor Cross
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Stanley entered sickbay as if he were walking through a desert bereft of any living thing but himself. He now wore a loose beige pullover which looked as if it were two sizes too big for him. His slacks beige as well were loose and baggy with the overall effect being that Stanley looked nearly lost in his clothing. He also had two large manilla folders both about to explode with all the papers stuffed inside.

Stanley’s office turned out to be a space formerly used to store expired medicines. It was excruciatingly small at about the same size as a walk-in closet, but he was ecstatic about it. He soon had his files arranged in several piles of paper stacked carefully on the floor by the tiny desk. He was equally delighted by the fact that while his own chair was uncomfortable the one other chair in his office which of course would be used by patients was quite comfortable and even reclined! Now there was only one thing he needed to begin! A few moments later his desktop was adorned with a small glass pitcher and several empty beakers with tags on them. Terribly thrilled by his good luck he then left a message for Doctor Cross to come see him when it was convenient for her.

Dr. Stanley Wong

As usual her office office door was open,a nurse popped in after a slight knock ‘’Doctor Cross I have a written message for you ‘’ the female doctor was making herself a cup of coffee ‘’ Eh? Just leave it on the desk’‘ sipping her coffee Cross turned facing the desk,thinking when was the last time a note was send on a piece of paper in this time and age .
The doctor sat down still sipping her coffee and once she finished reached for the note.Cross frowned wondering who wanted to see her,for what reason and of all places in a room not much bigger then a closet.
Throwing the note in the bin she made her way to the allocated room,too small for a sliding door Cross turned the knob and stepped in ‘’Who are you?’‘ the doctor asked with the strangest unreadable expression.

Cross CMO.

Stanley seemed frightened by the doctor’s presence for a moment it seemed. Once he recovered, he clapped his hands together and smiled broadly saying in an enthusiastic voice. “Buona giornata ! Doctor Cross! Alas I am afraid I can’t speak Maltese. ” Stanley then proceeded to move the pitcher of water and beakers together on a corner of his small desk and motioned to the comfortable chair in front of his desk. “I am pleased meet you. I hadn’t thought that you would come so soon! “

‘’Good morning to you too ‘’Cross replied back ‘’ It does not matter that you don’t speak Maltese, both Italian and English are agreeable to me ‘’ she held her voice at neutral level ‘’I came cause I had just finished operating and was about to enjoy a cup of coffee’‘ the doctor was feeling incredibly tired and plonked herself on the chair after a hard day’s work .

He sat then and said to Cross ,”Allow me to introduce myself. I am Doctor Stanley Wong professor of psychiatry among other things. I’ve been sent out here by fleet to speak with the members of the Merrimack’s crew. Nothing grand just a few interviews.”

Dr. Stanley Wong

Was it the light that made her eyes look this red or was it all an illusion,the female doctor did not move a muscle at the word ‘Psychiatrist’ those penetrating eyes were alert
‘’So for a few interviews the fleet sent you,would it have made more sense if it was a psychologist rather then a psychiatrist? ‘’Cross wasn’t about to stop there ‘’What do you mean by the fleet, you are not wearing a Star-Fleet uniform? Does the Captain and Cmdr know that you’re here ?Where they notified beforehand? What do this ‘few’ interviews consist of? and have you met or talked to anyone in sickbay while I as with the away team?’‘ Cross waited patiently for answers.

Cross CMO.

Stanley looked up from a sheaf of papers he had just placed in front of him in a haphazard fashion and smiled a warm friendly smile at Cross and then said in an amused fashion. “My! I like you doctor! You see straight to the problem and ask all the necessary questions! Such a keen sense of insight should serve you well! But first let me answer your questions. Number one fleet does not at this time use either psychologists or psychiatrists on space vessels in transit. They do have a very few on stations. But that is a hit or miss affair which is not something that one can depend upon. “

Cross put her elbow on the small desk,resting her chin in the palm of her hand while biting on her lower lip for a few seconds ‘’I had given lectures years back at the Academy about having a psychologist as part of the crew,not just any psychologist but one who has the knowledge and know how of being on a ship ‘’.

“As for my uniform? I’m not wearing anyone’s uniform. I am in fact though employed by Earth defense forces. The fleet is till dubious about funding mental health professionals, so they sort of rent us as it if were. I am in fact a Major if you are interested in such things. I myself am not interested in rank or uniforms. It’s a personal preference which those who employ me tolerate as long as I dress up for ceremonies and such.”.

This time the female doctor nodded,for the simple reason for him to know that she understood.

Let me see the next question. “Yes, the captain knows I am here. And no, I haven’t yet spoken to your XO yet. I am assuming that the captain will do so.” Stanley looked down at the stack of papers for a bit before looking back up at Cross. “The interviews themselves are just that. Just little sessions of getting to know one another. Each session will be graded and commented on by me and a report filed in the interviewee’s record. The form itself is much like the one that you fill out for an exam. ” He looked over the desk then and said, “Oh yes, I know you will want to know, Doctor Hunter has given me my physical.”

This time she folded her arms over her chest ‘’Oh great then I’ll probable get an ‘F’ mark’‘ Cross replied without the slightest emotion but when she heard him saying that Hunter had already given him a physical evaluation she did not think twice to blurt out ‘’One fine day, I’ll strangle that guy!’‘ Cross exclaimed, only to realize she should have checked what happened in sickbay while she wasn’t around ‘’I’ll take that back had I checked I would have known and come to think of it I have not seen him around..oh well’‘ this time her hands were at the back of her head and she managed to stretch a bit.It seemed she changed her posture frequently.

Taking a breath then Stanley continued saying,” As for the contents of our interviews no personal facts will ever make its way into your record. For instance. Say I am someone who falls a lot and in so doing has to go see the doctor about constantly skinning my knee. While the root cause of the problem might be falling all I could report on would be the medicine used to treat your skinned knee. “

” What I should add doctor is that each interview I do I must also grade the content of the interview by the patient’s cooperation. It’s you call me I like but it is something I must do. Now could call me Stanley. I’m really not comfortable with anything else. Do you have any further questions?”

Dr. Stanley Wong

Cross shook her head ‘’No questioens may I go now?
Cross CMO.

Stanley looked at Cross quite confused as if she had suddenly started to speak some ancient language of some long dead civilization. He steepled his hands in front of his mouth for a second trying to think of an acceptable way out of a bad situation. He wasn’t a bad man or one who enjoyed hurting others, or he wouldn’t be doing what he was doing.

Cross picked up on the man’s confusion though she did not why his demeanor had suddenly changed, her eyes roamed at the non verbal communication.

Suddenly the slight friendly man who was in that seat only a scant few seconds ago disappeared. His cold black eyes and steady even commanding voice now came across the desk as he suddenly seemed to grow fond of sitting ramrod straight. He paused for a moment as he answered Cross saying,” Well first congratulations are in order. I have never in my career been treated so poorly by anyone who I have just met. ” He then thought for a moment and said, “I cannot of course keep you here against your will, but I must warn you my report would have to read that you refused the interview which has been ordered by fleet and approved by your captain. Is that what you wish?”

Dr. Wong

As she looked on the doctor thought that Stanly the nice had gone and was instead replaced by his true nature .

’‘ I have never in my career been treated so poorly by anyone who I have just met ‘’ Cross leaned forward there was not much space between them,now she was showing signs of bewilderment ‘’Exactly what have I said that in your opinion, you have never been treated so poorly..please do enlighten me ?’‘. She shook her head sadly ‘’The words you used were ‘’Nothing grand just a few interviews ‘’ and that is what a thought ,asking me if I have any questions I replied ‘no’ and asked you if I may leave thinking the interview was over.....sorry my bad Mr Wong’‘.

Is this his way of seeking information? Why just demand what he wants to know? Did he ask her to call him Stanly to put her at ease and catch her of guard?.

How could a psychiatrist behave this way Cross wondered,does he not know that what he just said would make anyone tense,provoked,or be offended
Did this psychiatrist ever had patients in front of him who were suffering from mental illness,would he end by blackmailing them or manipulate their feelings.

Cross sat back on the chair,her hands on her lap,she was staring at some imaginary spot on the floor and waited to see how this psychiatrist would commence.

Cross CMO.

Stanley frowned, pursed his lips and said in a calm but steady voice.” Lieutenant. This was to be anything from a small talk to whatever else it might become. It is not meant to be an inquisition. It was simply a get together and a get to know one another session.” Stanley once more brought a piece of paper from the floor along with several others. He scanned them quickly as he scratched his chin. He looked over then and saw Crosses posture. Her hands clasped together on her lap. It was body language that was learned by any, first-year student. Not only was Cross angry but now she was trying to restrain herself.

Stanley then said to Cross. " Lieutenant, I think you probably have more questions for me than those you vocalized. I also think that there are other reasons for your hostility. So let me clear a few things up first. First is your overall behavior toward me. While I shall allow it in here, I would ask you to not treat me in such a manner outside of this office. While I am not fond of having a military rank, I am forced to carry it and I am expected to have others treat me in a manner which suits the rank given. I am of course equal to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in star fleet."

With his next words he sought to look Cross more directly in the eyes as he said,” I am not here to hurt people. My job is to interview people. To be more precise, interview and report. I feel however in your case.” he paused for a second before finishing as he said. “In your case however I am going to put your file away for a short time and not report this meeting. What I want is for you to get some rest, have a good meal a long sleep. Take several days if you need to. After you have thought over what has just happened then come back to see me.”

Stanley stood then, bowed his head in Cross’s direction and said simply in a soft voice.”You are dismissed Lieutenant. You may go.”

Dr. Stanley Wong

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