Main Sim - Bridge - Two Days Later

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Joe Milligan (XO) in Main Sim - Bridge - Two Days Later

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“Gotcha boss.” Joe replied. Keep smiling and give them the gift of blarney. Perfect job for an Irishman!” Joe stepped toward the [viewscreen showing the] gathered assembly such as they were and smiled hoping that a smile meant the same thing here and not that he was an animal showing his teeth. Clapping his hands together he said, “Welcome all! I’m afraid my captain the smart one has been called away to do captain things! So, I’m afraid you are stuck with me! ” Holing up his had he continued saying, “But never fear I’m not quite as dumb as I may look! Hello all I am Lt. Commander Joe Milligan and I’ll be trying to answer any questions you may have today. So, who’s first?”

Meanwhile, Glen slipped away from the Bridge to his Ready Room. He shut the doors and locked them behind him. He sat down and threw his hands on his head at the pain. How could so much pain result from having a conversation with that damn psychiatrist, Doctor Wong? Glen though. He had tried, during the course of last few years, to put the traumatic events of the Andromeda Galaxy mission behind him, and had been largely successful. The nightmares had become less frequent and he had less trouble sleeping. However, occasionally during times of stress, those memories of the Worm eating through his brain resurfaced, and they could seem almost real again. At times like this, Glen could no longer function. He had to get away and be isolated from other people and ride out the storm until it passed on. Otherwise, he found it impossible to concentrate, while his irritable mood might cause him to say something he might regret, and during this present mission, with everything hanging on this presentation to the Habitat and the Sybyl, he could ill afford such a incident. Better that Joe handle it alone.

Why has that man decided to visit now, and to stir this all up again? Glen thought. I thought we were beginning to put this behind us! Miriam was even behaving herself, most of the time! The pain in his head grew until it was quite unbearable. He stood up and walked to the couch. He just managed to lie down before passing out.

  • Glen, CO

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Just soon after Glen left the bridge, their comms NE turned, “..Sir? Habitat Master Dol is hailing us with several media news casters and VIPs waiting for our presentation and do ask questions. He has also requested permission to tie in the feed to the Sybl ship. Shall I put them through on visual and audio?” She asked.

GM CockRoach

Joe heaved a mighty sigh, mumbled something that he would swear was a blessing in the old Irish tongue and then smiled profusely at the NE and replied, “Well yes let’s do. The more the merrier!” Joe quickly became self-conscious and flicked away an imaginary bit of dust here and a very real piece of crumcake there before he stood ramrod straight in front of the screen with a jovial look on his face. Looking at the NE he nodded proceed.”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

Tia had watched the CO delay and frowned. She’d seen that look on his face before. His headache was back. She’d never gotten bold enough to ask what caused such intense head pains, but hoped he was all right.

Turning back to the view screen, she straightened her tunic top and made herself ready to answer any questions the XO put to her. She had heard the ship exchange and was pleased the Dol was still considering letting her stay. This line of questioning from the media might give her a leg up on what to expect if she stayed. And gave her a chance to see how their thinking went, as far as alien cultures went.


Joe sensing movement on the side of his peripheral vision turned to see the CE. He smiled and nodded as he said, “Good to see you, Lieutenant. You going to catch me if I fall or keep me from cursing to much?”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

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