Sickbay - Lt Lance as a patient on the Merrimack.

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Cross by now had Lance on the biobed,she gave him Melorazine as a pain killer, it was potent enough to make the Lt sleepy and pain free for a least three hours.Before the Melorazine started to take effect, the female doctor spoke to him ‘’Lance you shall soon be free from the pain and meanwhile I’m going to use the Microtome its just an
Imaging technique using a series of microscopic narrow beam x-ray’s to derive information on a cellular level. It won’t hurt and I’ll be able to pick up what’s the cause of your pain ‘’.
She waited for a response from Lance.

Cross CMO.

Lance looked at her. It was clear he didn’t like medical area. But he can feel his fever getting Higher but less he didn’t feel pain. “I trust you doc” he closed his eyes and tried to relax his body

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Putting the image on a 4D monitor Cross was scrutinizing every detail,turning the eye and its nerves which were attached to the brain.It clearly showed what the cause for the pain in Lance’s bionic eye was, as she turned the graphic detailed with a swipe of her finger.From the image Cross could detect a benign tumor near the pituitary gland which was pressing on the optic nerve of the bionic eye.

In addition to the optic nerve, which brings vision from the eye to the brain, there are also several other nerves near the pituitary gland that travel to the eyes and help them move normally. A tumor near the pituitary was pushing one of these nerves, it causes weakness of some of the muscles that move the eye.
To Cross it was clear that he had lost most of the outer layer of the eye but retained the optic nerves that were attached to the brain.

Cross with the help of a nurse transferred Lance to a biobed ‘’Lance I need to operate,don’t worry its a minor operation there is a small benign tumor that is pressing on some nerves ‘’ she stopped briefly to let him digest what she just said ‘’I can easily remove it by entering through the nose but I’ll wait until the pain killer Melorazine is cleared from your system.... any questions Lt? ‘’.

As Cross was talking to Lance, a nurse put up a saline infusion which would go directly into a vein.
Cross CMO.

After two hours Cross was ready to operate but first she needed to assess Lance ‘’ Lt how do you feel?’‘ by now the Melorazine should have been cleared out of his system ‘’Has the pain increased or has it changed in any way, shape or form?’‘ the female doctor asked.

Cross CMO.

Lance looked at her “my brain feels like it’s going to explode” he said in pain “get this thing out of my head” he said unable to control himself due to pain overload.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

She made a sign to the nurses to prepare the patient and get him inside the Operating theater,a general anesthesia was given via the opening of the vein flow while the N.O had prepared the medical tools for the operation.Within a couple of seconds Lance was under.
Jane had worked with Cross dozens of times and knew what the female doctor needed without Cross having to ask for a particular tool.

She handed her the endoscope which allowed Cross to see through a small incision that was made in the back of the nasal septum,then passed the instruments through the nose and opens the sphenoid sinus to reach the benign tumor,through the endoscopy camera the doctor could see on the monitor and with precision take out the whole tumor which was about 2 centimeters ,it had been pressing on one of the nerves that connected the the bionic eye to the brain.The low grade fever was due to the slight inflamed nerve that had been pressed by the tumor,some packing was placed in the nose to complete the operation.

When all was done Cross wrote down on a Padd the post op-care which consisted of palliative antibiotics given through the vein and once the saline was finished to be replaced with glucose, plus the normal care for the post- op.

Cross CMO.

(How about dinner when Lance gets checked out of sick bay)

OOC: Sure but how about writing a post first :) and with the nurse or Cross which would come later on to check on you.

When Lance woke up it was noon the next day.the first thing he noticed was there was no pain and his fever was gone. He stretched out a little bit he still felt like something was still in his system. He wonder what do they have me on?. He then called out “ can the patient get some food” he joked.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

A blurry face was looking down on him ‘’Welcome back Lance ‘’ Jane told him her face more clear ,there was still a saline attached via his vein.
‘’Breath through your mouth as your nose is packed for now and let me fetch doctor Cross ‘’ Jane looked around and saw her with doctor Kim ‘’Excuse me ‘’ she told them ‘’Lance has fully woken up and he’s hungry at least that’s a good sign’‘.

Cross followed the nurse to the patients bedside ,she smiled knowing the Lt was now pain free ,taking the tricodor she started scanning ‘’ All looks well Lance,nurse you can remove the packing from the nose and start him on fluids for now.Once our chief of security can tolerate the fluids start with small meals and remove the Saline’‘.

The female doctor sat at the edge of the bed taking Lance hand ‘’You were lucky that the benign tumor did not do irreversible damage to one of the nerves ,the tumor has been totally removed and we gave you antibiotics for the low grade fever..anything you want to ask?’‘.
Cross CMO.

A security had just entered sickbay and was now on the other side of Lance’s bed, he waited for the doctor to leave,in his hand was a jar of toffee that he had bought the last time they docked .
Richard Sec.

Lance looked at cross as they packing in his nose was removed. “No I am just happy that there is no more pain. How soon can my eye be put back it” he said he saw the officer to the side of him with the toffee “ if there is any thing I hate more it is toffee” he said to the ensign

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

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