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Posted Sept. 22, 2022, 1:30 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (General Medical Doctor) (marthese bugeja)

Posted by Major Stanley Wong (Professor of Psychiatric Medicine) in Galley all welcome

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (General Medical Doctor) in Galley all welcome

Posted by Major Stanley Wong (Professor of Psychiatric Medicine) in Galley all welcome
Stanley had been feeling a bit depressed after the previous day. He had been over the happenings again and again in his mind trying to find what it was he had done wrong. Now he actually was finding himself a bit depressed. He had come to the galley this morning hoping against all hope that the replicator might be working.

Stanley decided to make it easy. Something simple for breakfast so that he wouldn't confuse the poor thing. So, although he was in the mood for fried bread with onions and peppers, he made his order simple, he hoped. "Computer scrambled eggs with salsa." He realized at the last moment that adding the salsa might be a bit much but all he could do now was to wait and see. The result might be amusing. He was instead pleasantly surprised when he got his order.

He was all smiles as he went to have a seat and eat his breakfast. But then, feeling as if his luck may have finally turned, he walked over the replicator and asked for five ounces of salt pork.” Once again, he was amazed as he stood there like a child who has just opened the present that he wanted for Christmas. He laughed and took the pork to his table and finally sat down to eat. Sighing contentedly, he went over his orders in his head versus what he had thus far not accomplished. Not one interview yet. And he could not very well wait forever. He decided then that he must move things along even if he had to conduct interviews at workstations. He smiled as he tasted the eggs once again releasing his inner child as he rubbed his stomach in contentment. Nodding his head, he smiled and murmured to himself. “Yes, maybe today will be better, “

Dr. Stanley Wong

Hunter came in looking more like a zombie then an ordinary guy, after the night shift all he could think of was to eat and sleep.With a plate full of unhealthy food. He looked around wondering where to sit ‘’Guess all the night shift workers headed to the Gallery before me’‘ he muttered to himself ‘’Just my luck ‘’he mumbled some more to himself.His thoughts went back to when he was still staying at home ,he would often hear his father shout ‘A hungry man is an angry man’ and him and his siblings would disappear from the kitchen.

Hunter Dr.

Wong had just swallowed a mouthful of spicey egg and looked up as he saw Hunter. He weighed his options then in his mind as he ran through the things he hoped to accomplish today. He had to visit the seldom used biomed lab. And he had thought to schedule Lieutenant Commander Milligan for a chat. But now here was Doctor Hunter. He weighed his options. No, he decided. He would let Hunter go and possibly talk to Milligan unless of course Cross changed her mind. This was his fondest hope. Then he would feel better for he hated to not be able to do his job correctly.

Swallowing his food and dabbing his napkin at his mouth he smiled as he looked up at Hunter. He nodded his head at Hunter and spoke in a friendly voice saying, “Ah Mr. Hunter! We meet again! You look exhausted my friend did you have a rough shift?”

Dr. Stanley Wong

Hunter was eating sanding up ‘’Ah Mr Wong good morning ‘’ he replied after picking up a fried sausage and shoved it in his mouth ‘’Rough shift,you bet! The patients sleep during the day and at night they develop every illness in the medical books,bless the universe for placebos ‘’ bacon and eggs were next ‘’ I couldn’t be more happier to see Cross coming in for her day shift,what about you how are the interviews going?’‘ the doctor asked .

Hunter Dr.

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