Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted Sept. 24, 2022, 8:08 a.m. by Major Stanley Wong (Professor of Psychiatric Medicine) (Bob Spicer)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade McKenzie Lovejoy (Communications Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-
As she got up off the bridge from her station she then went to the mess hall to get something. She went and got a coffee and sat down in a chair alone. She wanted to make sure that it was best that she sat alone due to the fact she was on the bridge a lot lately. While being on the bridge for so long she was ready to get up and head to the mess hall and get some coffee to drink.

Lt. Lovejoy.

Stanley was paying more attention to his getting a message sent off to Doctor Cross than anything else when Lt. Lovejoy came in. As he finished however and prepared to leave, he spotted Lovejoy sitting at a table by herself. He walked toward her table and smiling asked her, “Ah Lieutenant Lovejoy, isn’t it? We met briefly on the bridge earlier as the helmsman was trying to prepare for a first encounter. It’s good to see you made it through your shift alright. May I sit with you for a moment?”

Dr. Stanley Wong

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