Sickbay - Lt Lance as a patient on the Merrimack.

Posted Sept. 25, 2022, 6:54 a.m. by Lieutenant Lance Del Wolf (Chief Of Security) (James Gray)

Posted by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Lt Lance as a patient on the Merrimack.

Posted by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Lt Lance as a patient on the Merrimack.

Posted by Lieutenant Lance Del Wolf (Chief Of Security) in Sickbay - Lt Lance as a patient on the Merrimack.
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When Lance woke up it was noon the next day.the first thing he noticed was there was no pain and his fever was gone. He stretched out a little bit he still felt like something was still in his system. He wonder what do they have me on?. He then called out “ can the patient get some food” he joked.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

A blurry face was looking down on him ‘’Welcome back Lance ‘’ Jane told him her face more clear ,there was still a saline attached via his vein.
‘’Breath through your mouth as your nose is packed for now and let me fetch doctor Cross ‘’ Jane looked around and saw her with doctor Kim ‘’Excuse me ‘’ she told them ‘’Lance has fully woken up and he’s hungry at least that’s a good sign’‘.

Cross followed the nurse to the patients bedside ,she smiled knowing the Lt was now pain free ,taking the tricodor she started scanning ‘’ All looks well Lance,nurse you can remove the packing from the nose and start him on fluids for now.Once our chief of security can tolerate the fluids start with small meals and remove the Saline’‘.

The female doctor sat at the edge of the bed taking Lance hand ‘’You were lucky that the benign tumor did not do irreversible damage to one of the nerves ,the tumor has been totally removed and we gave you antibiotics for the low grade fever..anything you want to ask?’‘.
Cross CMO.

A security had just entered sickbay and was now on the other side of Lance’s bed, he waited for the doctor to leave,in his hand was a jar of toffee that he had bought the last time they docked .
Richard Sec.

Lance looked at cross as they packing in his nose was removed. “No I am just happy that there is no more pain. How soon can my eye be put back it” he said he saw the officer to the side of him with the toffee “ if there is any thing I hate more it is toffee” he said to the ensign

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

OOC: Your eye was never removed Cross entered from the nose to get the benign tumor out.

The poor Ensign was mortified he did not quiet know what to say and Cross thought how rude and ill- mannered he sounded .With her hand still on Lance’s ,she gave it a squeeze hoping he’ll realize how disrespectful he had just been to this security who took the time to visit his D’H .

Cross CMO.

Lance smiled at the ensign “ I had an ant who would always force feed me toffee. Never did like it much” he said with a joking tone. He didn’t mean to sound harsh to the young ensign.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Richard smiled ‘’An aunt who force fed you toffee!!! Sir you reminded me of the story of Hansel and Gretel and the witch who force fed them’‘ he replied ‘’Well glad to see you on the mend and em..the other security all gave you their best wishes to get well soon’‘ and with a nod he turned to leave .

‘’Leave the jar on my desk Ric ,I’ll bet they’ll be finished by next morning ‘’ .The security gave Cross the thumbs up and eventually left.

Cross CMO.

Cross turned to face Lance ‘’We’ll start you on fluids for the first two days , then on solid foods and there’s no reason to stay lying in bed all day ‘’ the doctor told the COS ‘’You’ll be discharged soon ,remember Lt you have a dept to run’‘.

Cross CMO.

Lance smiled warmly to cross “thanks doc I’ll put myself on light duty.” He said as he relaxed a bit more he has not felt this good i a long time after a few minutes he fell asleep.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

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