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Cross took a deep breath,she stood in front of the door for a couple of minutes before managing to knock slightly , hopefully Mr Wong will finish the interview and bring it to an end.

Cross CMO
Stanly had just returned from the biolab and was looking at the results of a small test he had tried with several drugs. Hearing the door caught him by surprise for he hadn’t remembered closing it. He looked at the door blankly for a moment before he said in a soft welcoming voice. “Yes, enter please? “

Stanley thought quickly before the door opened. The way his luck had been going it was probably at least one of the two people he did not want to see at present. Joe Milligan or Hunter.

Dr. Stanley Wong

Cross stepped in,from her look its as if she was about to climb the stairs to be hanged.The female doctor tried to put on a smile but even that was hard to do, so instead she gave the psychiatrist a nod ‘’Good evening Mr Wong’‘ she whispered softly.

Cross CMO.

Stanley rose slowly from his seat and nodded his head in Cross’s direction as he said in a barely audible voice. “Well Doctor it is certainly good to see you again. Would you like to have a seat, or would you rather stand? I’m afraid those are the only choices I can offer. They didn’t think to have the obligatory couch for something that only may be a permanent program.” Stanley went over to shut the door to what he hoped was only a temporary office and as he passed Cross he said, “Whichever you are comfortable with is alright to me.

Once more Stanley brought a sheaf of papers up and laid them on his desk. Scanning them quickly he looked in Cross’s direction and smiled as he said. “I didn’t get to ask you this the last time you were here. Would you prefer to start out our chat by doing a simple non-verbal test? Something in which we don’t have to speak. Afterwards of course we may have to speak for a bit. ” Stanley stopped for a bit then and looked at Cross with his head cocked to one side as if he were a curious puppy as he asked. “Unless of course there is something that is making you want to come back in and talk to me. Something specific?”

Dr. Stanley Wong

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