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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade John LaMarr (Engineer) in Engineering NE Frost
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The young crewman in engineering was in a dither. This was only his second time out of port and here he was being left alone in engineering. At first, he had been on the edge of hysteria when there was an alert. Checking the boards though it had been a circuit in the replicator that could be remotely reset and replaced later. He had heaved a mighty sigh. and finally relaxed a bit. It wasn’t that Frost didn’t know or remember his training. It was just that his confidence was the consistency of jelly.

He had survived his first crisis, made a notation to fix the replicator later as was protocol and had sat down to eat a ham and cheese sandwich when a low-level reminder came on. The reminder was for a level one diagnostic for the impulse engines. He did know that a level one diagnostic would involve shutting down the impulse engines to have them checked. Now he once again tensed up as he realized that there was some alien ship coming toward them. He also wasn’t aware whether he had the power to have whoever was in charge shut down the impulse engines. Well, the systems weren’t telling him that the check was overdue yet at least. That too could wait. As he reached over to reset the alarm however it switched to red, and the alert said clearly ‘Impulse Engine Check Overdue. Engineering senior staff only may override alert!

So thus, it was that NE Frost sat with his eyes as big as saucers and his mouth hanging open as he wondered desperately what to do next.

John entered the room. ‘You need some help?’ John Asked. He checked the systems sees the diagnostic planned and noticed the alien ship that is approaching John opened [the] communicator =^= Engineering to Bridge, there is an level one diagnostic planned for the impulse engines but I noticed an alien ship approaching do I need to delay or can it start?=^=

=/\= Bridge to Engineering. That ship won’t be here for another two days. Go ahead with the diagnostic. =/\= Kahuna replied from the Bridge, wondering why everyone was so worried about the Sybl ship. He, himself, was worried about the mysterious subspace aliens, who appeared and attacked without warning, when Dr Cross had been given command of the Bridge.

John went to the systems and initiated the diagnostic. John looked at NE Frost and asked. ‘How is it with the replicators have you fixed it?’

NE Frost looked at the Lieutenant and replied, “No sir I put in on the to-do list for the moment. I was the only one here. I manually reset the faulty circuit but that will probably only last for another shift. Were you wanting me to go up and replace the circuit now sir?”

‘Yes Mr Frost, i will stay here see if we get any problems.’ John said. John sat down and waited for something to do.

NE Frost snapped to and replied, “Yessir I’m on it!” He then turned on his heel and started walking toward the door. Then though he turned and said to the Lieutenant. “Sir? You might want to keep an eye on the readouts from the diagnostic. We sometimes get low coolant messages on the reactors. You never know when one might be a serious message. ” Then Frost left the main engineering area grabbed some spare parts for the replicator and tools and headed out the door whistling.

‘I will do that.’ John said just before NE Frost left. John sits down waiting for something to happen.’

John would find that when, ‘waiting for Godot’ or waiting for something to happen, then it probably never will. He needed to seize opportunities in life, he could begin by showing the CE how good an engineer he really was.

While waiting for something to happen, John checked every system to see if they are in optimal condition.

On a ship of the age of the Merrimack, optimal condition usually meant, ‘working at the basic parameter levels’. Take that replicator: Not only had that faulty circuit been replaced half a dozen times, but the push button panel, the Z-axis travel displays, the nanomaterials dispensing shelf, the extruders, hot ends, slicer, and the filament itself had al; been replaced. There was nothing original left.

George Sherridan walked into Engineering with the diagnostic results on a PaDD. “Are y’all the engineuurr that there done asked faw ayy diagnostik on the impulse engine? These here results, just done came bak!” he said, handing over the PaDD. “Sawry ta interrupt y’all’s lunch!”

  • George, Engineer.

OOC: What are the results of the diagnostic.

John looked at the results and said.’Sorry the last part i did not understand what you mean.’

Lieutenant Junior Grade John LaMarr Engineering

OOC: Results of the diagnostic is that one of the reactors is too hot by 5.7 degrees.


‘One of the reactor is too hot by 5.7 degrees im gonna check it out.’ John walked to the console and checked why it is too hot.

Lieutenant Jr Grade John LaMarr Engineer

(It will show a coolant leak on reactor 3 in the area of infeed pump valve.)

‘There is a coolant leak on reactor 3, someone needs to fix it. ‘John said to George.

Lieutenant Jr Grade John LaMarr Engineer

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