Lance and Cross - In the Mess Hall -

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Lance enter sick bay he has not seen cross in a few day. He wanted to check if she was all right. Because of there time talking on the away mission.

Cross was more then happy to see him ‘’Hi Lt how are you?’‘ she asked wondering why he came to Sickbay.
Lance smiled “ I am her to make sure you have a full dinner with me and make sure you get at less 8 hours of sleep. You had a problem with food and sleep when on the away mission and as COS I can’t let our CMO be unwell” he said and it looks like he was not going to take a no for an answer.

‘’How sweet of you’‘ Cross responded ‘’When and where Lt?’‘.

He smiled at her “Now” he said giving her hand to excort her to the mess hall. “So what exactly did you take out of me” he asked

Cross raised on finger ‘’Wait I need to tell the doctor that I’m leaving’‘ seeing him in the office with a couple of nurses and a stern voice which they were listening probably to somethings that Hunter dreamed d about ,Cross called out to him ‘’Doctor Hunter I’m off to my break ‘’ she called out.
He looked at the time ‘’Yes I know an hour earlier but see I’m hungry’‘ Cross made it sound that she was about to drop dead.
‘’Very well’‘ Hunter replied ‘’And eat food that is high in fiber and proteins,like pulses,raw vegetables......’‘ he was still rambling as Cross walked out of Sickbay with Lance.

Lance giggled “ are you happy I saved you from Dr. Hunter” he joked with her as they walked through the halls

Cross laughed ‘’As if! I’m going to get my favorite dish Macaroni with cheese ‘’ looking at lance she asked him ‘’ How are you feeling? You seem to be in good spirits’‘ the female doctor observed.

Lance smiled a warmly to her “ I am I have not felt this good in a long time. When I first got my robot eye there was pain I told my doctor back then but he didn’t do anything but just pump me full of painkillers” he said, not feeling any pleasant feelings of his old doctor.

‘’Some doctors don’t take the patients seriously ,its either stress,depression or just plain hypochondriac ‘’ then off she went to bring her meal .Now back on the table Cross asked Lance ‘’Aren’t you going to eat? ‘’ the doctor with a fork picked a mouthful from her plate ‘’Just heavenly’‘ she commented Its delightful to be back home Cross thought.

Lance went to get his food and returned with a plate of shepherds pie. Lance use a fork to cut into it and put a fork full into his mouth “just like my aunt us to make it” he said and he started to drink some ice cold green tea.

Cross eyed his shepherd’s pie ‘’Never ate one of those ‘’ she commented ‘’So Lance tell me about your family.lets get to know each other better…what do you think?’‘ the doctor asked.

Cross CMO.

OOC: The Klingon recipe is better when you use several shepherds! :)

OOC: Darn (hehe).

Lance looked at her “ I am part Irish my dad was on short leave in Star fleet. He met my mom Devlin and by the end of his short leave I was forming in her belly. my birth father didn’t want anything to do with me so my mom wanted to raise me by herself. when I was born unfortunately, she died in childbirth, so my aunt raised me. When I was old enough, I took the Starfleet exam and went into security as my profession.” I worked security on a star base was very good intill I got the job here and now I am sitting here eating shepherds, pie, while talking to a pretty doctor across from me” he ended with a smile.

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