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Posted Oct. 25, 2022, 12:53 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (General Medical Doctor) (marthese bugeja)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Joe Milligan (XO) in Fantail Officers Lounge

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (General Medical Doctor) in Fantail Officers Lounge

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Joe Milligan (XO) in Fantail Officers Lounge
Joe had awakened in Cross’s quarters that morning stiff and confused after sleeping in the none too comfortable chair beside her bed all night. After he had somewhat gained his senses to the point where he at least remembered what had happened and where he was, he rubbed his eyes and then turned toward Cross’s bed only to find that she wasn’t there.

As her self- appointed guardian, he had nearly come unglued. He had immediately searched her cabin before he remembered that all he had to do was to ask the computer to find Lieutenant Cross’s bio signature. He was soon feeling a lot better when he found her to be in sickbay and at work already. After only a small bit of cursing he had proceeded to his quarters to shower, change and shortly thereafter have a breakfast of nearly everything no human was supposed to eat followed by a steaming cup of coffee.

Now here he was in the officer’s lounge holding his third cup of steaming coffee as he sat looking out of the viewport and pondering their next assignment. Taking another sip of his coffee he proved to himself that he wasn’t quite awake as he should be by burning his lip.

Lt.Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

Hunter just came in from his night shift ,he had to eat something before heading to his quarters to rest.His breakfast consisted of lunch and supper all in one .Doing his best to juggle the full plate ,coffee and orange juice the doctor made it just in time to the nearest table,sitting down the doctor started by drinking his coffee,the cup in his hand stood in mid air ‘’Oh sorry Cmdr I did not realize the table was already occupied ‘’ not that it mattered for Hunter stayed put .

After eating a portion of the full plate ,the doctor could not help but tell Joe ‘’Cmdr there was something strange about Cross this morning when she entered the office,mind you in a positive way,you know what she whispered in my ear?’‘ after a slight pause to remember the exact words ‘’Another Chapter in my life has been closed’‘.

Hunter Dr.

Joe had been sitting at the table with his chair turned toward the large window and watching space disappear behind him when Hunter came in. He had just sat there quietly hoping that Hunter would either not see him or avoid him. But here he was. Joe took a deep breath and after a sip of coffee turned toward Hunter slowly and then away once again as Hunter began eating.

And then Hunter began to speak about Cross. Joe listened carefully listening to each little syllable and vowel. And then there it was. It was a question that Hunter had asked him. After last night Joe was pretty sure that he knew what Cross was talking about. Another chapter had been closed. Sounded to him like she was done with him and would move on now. That was alright with Joe if that’s what Cross wanted, but Joe had already made up his mind to be her protector come what may. Who knew? Maybe just serving together would be best for them both. No, it might be best for Cross but not good for him.

Joe realized that he had drifted off as he thought about the question that Hunter had asked. He sipped his coffee and looking at Hunter with no expression on his face asked him,” Who can tell Mister Hunter? There are times I think when even women don’t know what they mean and what they think.”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

Hunter looked at the now empty plate,contemplating whether he had room for dessert .

” Who can tell Mister Hunter? There are times I think when even women don’t know what they mean and what they think.”.

That same small smile formed at the corner of his mouth ‘’Ah finally Sir we seem to totally agree on something ‘’ the doctor responded.He also decided to leave the dessert for supper . ‘’Have a good day Cmdr ‘’ and with a slight nod Hunter turned round to leave.

Hunter Dr.

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