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As she got up off the bridge from her station she then went to the mess hall to get something. She went and got a coffee and sat down in a chair alone. She wanted to make sure that it was best that she sat alone due to the fact she was on the bridge a lot lately. While being on the bridge for so long she was ready to get up and head to the mess hall and get some coffee to drink.

Stanley was paying more attention to his getting a message sent off to Doctor Cross than anything else when Lt. Lovejoy came in. As he finished however and prepared to leave, he spotted Lovejoy sitting at a table by herself. He walked toward her table and smiling asked her, “Ah Lieutenant Lovejoy, isn’t it? We met briefly on the bridge earlier as the helmsman was trying to prepare for a first encounter. It’s good to see you made it through your shift alright. May I sit with you for a moment?”

“Please doctor. Please have a seat. How can I help you, doctor?” She asked Wong as she smiled and looked at him. Wondering what was going to be about she had no idea.

Stanley set his food down and sighed deeply before he said, “I would like to apologize about earlier. I am quite sorry if I got you into trouble. I really expecting to find the bridge of a starship with so many people angry at one another though! Is that the way the bridge usually is?”

“It’s an all right doctor. We on the bridge have been under a lot of stress. It’s nothing you did. It was just something we didn’t know. The captain wasn’t sure who you were neither did the rest of us. That’s why I got a hold of sickbay to see about it. Honestly, it is something that has common thing with all of us. It’s not just us. Although, it is something that happens on the bridge.” She said.

Stanley looked stressed again as he scratched his head. “That’s something else I was wondering about. Why on this ship should sickbay need to be apprised of my arrival? I did meet Mister Hunter when I arrived. And then I saw him again on the bridge complaining because sickbay hadn’t been informed about an inbound trade vessel. On every other ship I’ve been on the bridge officer would have been in command with the first officer and captain both gone. And at the time we were not even under a yellow alert! And if doctor thought there was an emergency shouldn’t doctor Hunter have been in sickbay? ” Stanley laughed then and said, “Perhaps I’m reading the wrong manuals!”

“Doctor. Please sit down. I should discuss this with you if you have time.” She said. “I don’t know the reason why sickbay should be informed. I didn’t know anything about this transfer of yours, and neither did the captain nor Doctor Hunter. I’m not 100% sure what all this was about. I just figured something or someone came on board and we didn’t have any knowledge about it. Although, I don’t have any say in this. I would recommend this to the captain and have the captain get a hold of Star-Fleet. If he gets a hold of Star-Fleet, we should know the answers and explanation of why your transfer was here. Although, I don’t know what was going on or anything but I think they sent you here without anyone’s knowledge and decided to send you here. I don’t know.” She added.

Stanley sat and listened as Lovejoy went on speaking. He smiled and clapped his hands together in front of his face after a moment and said, “But my good Lieutenant! There is no great mystery here! My orders were sent shortly after I had left to come here. I can only surmise that the captain either wasn’t checking incoming messages or he was already gone with the away team. And as I said when I came aboard, I met Doctor Hunter. I even took a shift in sickbay to help the poor man out! And after he came back, he gave me a boarding physical which would have gone into the records. And then of course your bridge officer knew of my presence. ” Stanley had to stop for a moment while he laughed. “No wonder people around here are looking at me in an odd fashion. They think I’m part of some great conspiracy! I was sent out here as part of a program that has been proposed. It’s called the Counsellor program. ” Stanley shook his head and said, “Quite frankly I think it will be a grand failure.”

Ade had been admiring the contents near the bottom of of his Japanese whisky glass, sitting quietly with Faith Hopkins at a nearby table, while the conversation between Lovejoy and Wong had gone on. At the mention of the “Counsellor program” his ears perked up and he turned around to face Doctor Wong. “HI there again Doctor! Excuse the interruption! We met when you first arrived, and didn’t Hunter take your bags for you? No matter anyway; what is this ‘Counsellor program’? Could I apply for a position? I’m good at observing behaviour and listening, and I’m patient and empathetic, and I don’t judge! I don’t get much work as a dentist since we began extractions with the new transporter-based devices, and I think I need a career change. There is only so much Poker a man can play in one day!”

Stanley turned to see who he was talking to. He thought for a moment before replying, “Ah yes I remember you! How are you doing?” Stanley listed to the man carefully before he answered. ” Well at the moment it’s purely just a pilot program. As I recall there is just myself and two others who have been sent out to do this. Of course, you have to have a degree in psychology at least and at least be conversant in alien behavioral sciences. Other than that, though if fleet decides to start the program up, I don’t see why you couldn’t apply.”

“I see,” said Ade. “Well, I don’t have a degree in psychology, so I guess that counts me out. Thanks, anyway!”

Faith joined the conversation, “A degree is psychology? Surely what one needs is just empathy? And Doctor Hunter seems okay once you get to know him. He does seem strange at first, but he has offered to help me with my Starfleet medical application, so I don’t have a problem with him.”

“While empathy is fine it is something that everyone has in some measure. ” Stanley said. ” Empathy is just the ability to understand and feel the feelings of other. Nothing more than compassion really in one form or another. To do the job of a Counsellor you would have to understand why a person feels the way they do and what you might want to do to help them with their bad feelings. It’s like the other day I knew that the replicator wasn’t working. I could say, poor replicator you aren’t working. well. Or I could be the person who knows the replicator isn’t working and repairs it. “

Stanley couldn’t help but to smile. “Yes, I seem to hear a great many such comments about Doctor Hunter like that. He seems to be a very gallant soul indeed.”

“I wouldn’t go quite that far,” Faith said. “I hate the way that the female crew swoon over him like he is an object, and he enjoys that. He even tried it on with me, and I’m too old for that, but once you dig beneath that mask, he is a pretty good guy. That’s all I meant”

Hunter who was siting next to Faith made sure to keep his distance, so as not to intrude in her personal space.

“Yes, Doctor Hunter does seem capable at his job and sometimes has flashes of sincerity which are quite nice. ” Stanley said as he took a sip of juice, followed by a spoonful of black beans. Sighing then he rubbed his chin as if he were having a bout of self-diagnosis. “All things considered though,” Stanley mused I suppose that Hunter is one of the few people I have met that didn’t greet me with instant suspicion.”

And speaking of the devil Hunter was seen entering the Mess Hall ,he looked around and saw whom he was seeking .Going over to were the group was, the doctor acknowledged them with a slight nod and handed the psychiatrist his Padd, there was a note from Cross asking if he could see her in her office to complete the psychiatric evaluation. Meanwhile Hunter went to bring some food, the man looked tired with blood shot eyes.

Faith did a double take. Doctor Hunter, who she hadn’t realised was sitting next to her while she talked openly about him, was now also entering the Mess Hall. Is he another doppelganger spy like the duplicate Doctor Kim? But when she looked again he was gone. Did I imagine it? Maybe I need to see Doctor Wong too? she wondered.

Before finding a table the Doctor Hunter went back to Stanley hoping he had written his own note, that is if he would see the CMO and if it was in the affirmative, Hunter would pass on the message. As he waited he told Mr Wong to ask the Cmdr or Captain to give him a transmitter to facilitate contacting the rest of the crew.

Wong smiled as he tapped out his message on the PaDD and was already awaiting Hunter’s return. His message read simply,” Be on my way.” And at Hunter’s request, Stanley could only smile. ” Mr. Hunter! You are a regular crew member and I for the moment just a part time guest. I’m sure the captain would listen to you quicker than he would me!”

‘’I’ll see what I can do’‘ Hunter replied taking the Padd back ‘’ Do excuse me I’ll have something to eat and fall into a coma on my bed ‘’ he took his plate to an empty table but before he started on the vegetable soup, the doctor took out his transmitter and contacted Cross to expect the psychiatrist at any time.

“Well, doctor Wong. That all sounds nice and interesting. I’m pretty sure the captain will allow this. Although I believe, he was on the away mission when you came on board. Although, I don’t find anything wrong with this.” She said. “I find that the counsellor program is a good thing for the fleet.” She added.

“I think that it could be.” Answered Wong. “Provided that the Counselor was a regular crew member which everyone knew and not someone who appeared suddenly out of nowhere into a situation that that caused all lines of communication to break down.” Stanley chuckled and said,” I suspect that I only narrowly missed getting arrested as a spy a few times!”

“Missed getting arrested as a spy? Why? What are you talking about?” She said to him as she was a little confused.

“Why Lieutenant. Ever since I’ve gotten here the body language of people have been anything but welcoming. Everyone seems to think that I am here to write terrible things on their service record. ” Then raising his eyebrows dramatically high he laughed saying, “Which of course is a sure sign of paranoia!”

She chuckled as there was a bright red color on her cheeks as if she had some sort of emotion towards Dr. Wong. “Doctor, I’m not so sure about paranoia at all. In fact, you came to the right ship. I myself find this ship to be the best ship in the fleet. Although, the fleet has other ships involved with it but, this ship is a very good ship to be assigned too. Like i said you came to the right ship.” As her cheeks starts to continue turning red.

Stanley began to answer her when odd alarm bells started to go off in his head. He looked across at Lieutenant Lovejoy and was immediately confused. Reading body language, facial expressions and having the capability to read what people were really saying when they spoke was part and parcel of his profession. But whatever it was that Lovejoy was trying to express escaped him. Stanley in his job was forced to face uncomfortable truths every day, many about himself. One thing he knew was that he was not an attractive person. He was short, very slender, close cropped black hair and dark eyes. His limbs seemed long and gangly. One person had told him that when he relaxed, he looked like a praying mantis. Yet here this lovely young lady was exhibiting signs of flirtation towards him. It was a thing he had only had to cope with a few times in his life.

All sorts of thoughts danced around in his mind in the span of two seconds looking for a logical solution to the Lieutenants behavior. That and what he should say to her. Should he tell her the truth about himself and leave her to wonder why he chose to say such a thing? But no there was every possibility that he had read her wrong. That had to be it. Finally, though he collected his thoughts together and said as he looked into the Lieutenants eyes.” Yes, I certainly have. And I have found that once I have tried to get to know people that I have found the crew to be very friendly.” Finally, though the physician and behavioral researcher got the best of Stanley as he reached across the table and placed his hand on top of Lt. Lovejoy’s and speaking to her in a concerned voice. “Lieutenant, are you feeling well? Do you need to go to sickbay? Your face is flushed.”

“Yes I am fine. Why do you ask? The reason why my cheeks are the way they are is to cause my emotions toward you are strong. It is something I’ve never really experienced in my life at all due to personal life experiences with something like this. I’m really trying not to blush but it’s a little late on that.” She said to him as she continued to blush.

Stanley nearly stopped breathing for a moment. This had quite literally never happened to him before. It was only a moment later that Stanley started to blush as well. He cleared his throat and tried to desperately think of something intelligent to say.” Well,” Stanley began, “I had asked you because I was concerned you might be running a fever.”

Stanley rubbed his cheek nervously for a few seconds as he looked at Lt. Lovejoy and asked her.” Is this something you would rather discuss somewhere else? I don’t want you to continue to become embarrassed here in front of people. Perhaps we should take a small walk?” Although Stanley was making a heroic effort to sound professional, he was not doing a very good job.

“Yes doctor we shall go on a small walk if you’d like.” She said.

Faith was still sitting with Ade and others nearby. Their conversation had moved on from Doctor Hunter and the Counsellor programme, and on to the latest news reports of the The USS Leondegrance, under the command of Captain Nyota Uhura, and its exploration of the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. However, the Mess Hall was quiet enough for Lovejoy and Wong to be easily overheard.

Maybe they should get a room? Faith thought. I’d hate for the Merrimack to become one of those “love boats” that you hear about. The quicker Doctor Hunter can help me to pass my exams and get off this ship away to Starfleet Medical, the better!

Faith, Yeoman

Though Hunter was near he had other things on his mind and it was the events that happened unexpectedly with the Captain,all he did was answer the questions and to his surprise the CO became furious and accused him of wanting to say the last word.What was Cross thinking when she told Glen that Hunter knew how to get rid of the psychiatrist ! The doctor was sure he’ll have a word with Cross about it, conflicts of interest and disputes, issues that needed to be resolved,not to mention the difficult and tangled situations since Cross,Cmdr and the psychiatrist boarded the ship .

Finishing his meal the doctor quietly parted leaving without as much as a glance at those present.

Hunter Dr.

Perhaps the lt and the doctor should get a room. It was rather unusual for her to say anything like that. Near so many others around.

Lt. Lovejoy

Stanley’s eyes opened wider at hearing the remarks. He generally didn’t get angry and if he did, he controlled it. This time however he nearly did lose his temper. He had enough on his mind without worrying about such nonsense. He finally took a deep breath and once again turned to Lt. Lovejoy and smiled as he said, “Well it’s like my mother used to say of sparrows, The loudest most foolish sparrows in the tree always leap into flight as the falcon comes near only to become a falcon’s dinner guest.

Stanley took a deep breath then and once again asked Lt. Lovejoy. ” Lieutenant, would you care to take that short walk? I might impart some knowledge to you which could make you a falcon.”

Dr. Stanley Wong

“Yes of course lead the way doctor.” She said as she blushed harder.

Lt. Lovejoy

Stanley rose then and motioned with his hand toward the door of the mess hall. He then led Lovejoy out into the hallway where they walked side by side quietly for a few moments. Stanly seemed to be lost inside himself trying to sort something out in his mind as he walked with his hands clasped in front of him.

Finally, as the two were halfway between the mess hall and the turbo lift Stanley stopped and cleared his throat. He then looked into Lovejoy’s eyes and spoke in a slow serious voice to Lovejoy. “Lieutenant. First, I would like to tell you that you are a very special person and that I have found you to be a very special and personable human being and a good officer in the short time I have known you.”

Clearing his throat then he frowned, took a deep breath and told Lovejoy. It is not that I don’t think that you’re not a beautiful lady because obviously you are. But when it comes to any sort of intimate relationship between you and I then I must tell you that I am simply not attracted to those of your gender.”

Dr. Stanley Wong

“That is okay doctor. You don’t have to be attracted to someone like me to not realize something.” She said as she looked down at the floor.

Lt. Lovejoy

At this point Stanley was terribly concerned for the Lieutenant. He knew how terrible matters of the heart could become. He frowned a bit before he replied to her saying. “I am terribly sorry. This mix up is my fault, I am sure. You see I am not attracted to you in a physical way, but I do find you to be a very attractive person. But let us both be honest with one another. What is it that I am missing? What is it I am supposed to realize?”

Dr. Wong

“It’s nothing Doctor. I understand. It’s nothing that you did. I had the whole thing mixed up.” She said.

Lt. Lovejoy

Stanley chuckled and smiled broadly. I’m so glad that you understand because I myself didn’t for a moment. I mean I am not a particularly good looking fellow. Things like this are not generally a problem. “However,” Stanley said ad he raised a finger. “You now can tell all the gossips about how wrong they are and make them blush!”

Dr. Stanley Wong

“Believe me I probably would.” She said to him as she smiled at him.

Lt. Lovejoy

Stanley sighed a deep sigh of relief then as he said to Lovejoy. “I am so glad you are not offended. For I enjoy your company and would very much enjoy having you as a friend. Something I have found in the past to be something much more important than a love interest.”

Dr. Stanley Wong

“Whoever said I’d be upset about it. Also, it’s okay.

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