Attn! DH meeting in conference room A deck 1 new mission.

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Joe was not given much time to prep anything for the meeting. It was only six hours until arrival at their destination. He had no doubt that their new chief engineer would want to speak with him already for heading off at warp seven before he could even run one diagnostic on anything in his department. But there was precious little Joe could do to keep everyone happy. All he wanted to do was to not have things go amiss like on the last mission.

He looked around the conference room and saw an empty coffee pot. He got the coffee pot start to start brewing a pot of coffee and had the replicator make a batch of donuts. He then went to his cabin to print up the operational plans along with some notes. He got himself a cup of coffee and sat down to go over his notes. Now all he needed was to have his no doubt miffed department heads to show up

Captain John T Glen had been sleeping. It took him a while to wash, shave and dress. He got ready as quick as he could and hoped that he wouldn’t be last to arrive. As he approached the conference room he could already smell the coffee.

“Good Morning Joe!” he said on entering the conference room. A quick look around confirmed that no one else had arrived yet. “I’m keen to know about the new mission, but I don’t want to make you tell it all twice, so I’ll wait.”

Joe looked at Glenn and shook his head as he smiled. “Really sir? Having seen you show up I was feeling pretty much relieved. But if you’re game to listen to my witless meanderings then you’re more than welcome to. I must warn you however that these cursed things were never my bailiwick. ” Joe looked once more around the room before turning to the captain and asking him, “And how are you feeling sir? is the headache better? ”

Cross entered the conference room and acknowledged both the Captain and Cmdr with a nod while wondering if Lance was behind her.

Hearing Joe asking Glen if his headache was better, the female doctor’s attention was now on what he Captain would answer .

“Doctor Cross gave me a shot for it,” Glen replied. He met Miriam’s gaze and raised an eyebrow.

Joe took a seat with his coffee and laughed as he said, ” Yes Lieutenant Cross can fix anything. If not by medicine, then by scaring it off with her glare.”

If looks could kill both men would be lying stretched out on the ground with their faces downwards ,on noticing the doughnuts Cross forgot about their ‘Jokes’ and instead started munching on one before the rest of the D’H’s came in.

Once everyone had arrived Glen put down his coffee cup and said, “This would be a good time to welcome our two new officers, and additions to the senior management, Lt. Maximilien Mullins and Lt. Verity Aphelion. Welcome aboard! You may also have noticed that we aren’t returning to deep Space K-5 anymore, but now have new orders from Admiral Forester. I’ll let the Commander fill us in on exactly what those entail…” Glen took a seat.

Glen, CO
Cross CMO.

"Okay then." Joe began as he took a rather large sigh before continuing. " The Klingons have finally after the signing of the Khitomer accords finally started to pull back from areas which they were supposed to surrender earlier. But the place of our main concern is in the Wal system. Wal3 to be precise. " " These people were ready for plucking when the Klingons came along. They were only coming out of the bronze age and were being ruled by a theocracy. The Klingons simply came in with superior technology and claimed to be the agents of God or some such thing. And there the Klingons have stayed for twenty -five years. " Joe raised a finger then and said, "But not of course before they made sure that the inhabitants of Wal3 were made to believe that the federation are all devils of their God."

Joe paused again for a moment as he looked around the table. “So allegedly according to those in the know the Klingons leaving has created chaos on the planet. Those in charge of their religion all seem to think that their agents of God leaving is because of something they did wrong. In this case because of the Khittomer accords we are to move in and straighten things up. The Prime Directive has been waived of course in this case.”

“So, in summary we are to arrive on station, beam down to assess the damage done by the Klingons . Our mission is one of good will. We have to stabilize the situation. We are given a free hand in nearly everything, save for using violence or trying to set ourselves up as the new Agents of God. And I suppose in the long run to get these people to understand that we aren’t devils. “

Joe then turned toward Glenn as he finished saying” Captain?”

Lance entered the room “ sorry I am late sir crewman Alan wake didn’t want to go into the holding cell” he then took his set.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

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