Main Sim - On the bridge -everyone's welcome-

Posted Nov. 12, 2022, 7:33 p.m. by Lieutenant Lance Del Wolf (Chief Of Security) (James Gray)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hercules Kahuna (Weapons Officer) in Main Sim - On the bridge -everyone’s welcome-

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As McKenzie Lovejoy came back from her break from the mess hall she then sat down in her chair at her station. As she was sitting there, she was awaiting some sort of communication from someone that is either A: another Federation starship B: the klingons or C: the romulans. She’s just being safe then sorry.

Lt. Lovejoy

Kahuna was in the Captain’s Chair while the CO and XO were in a meeting with all the DHs. There was no word from the meeting yet, but they had already been asked to perform details scans, and to monitor all hailing frequencies and other frequencies for chatter.

“Welcome back Lieutenant,” Kahuna said, “Was it a good lunch? Do they still have any of that vegetable lasagne left? We don’t have any particular orders except to monitor the radio for messages. Any Klingon communications especially!”

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I didn’t know we had a weapons officers

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