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Hunter had been at the gym when he heard over the comm calling all D.H’s,he emitted a typically long and deep audible breath, took off his gloves,made his way to his quarters for a shower and clean uniform and was by now in sickbay.

Hunter Dr.
After speaking to the Cmdr Cross headed towards Sickbay,seeing Hunter there she approached him ‘’This is suppose to be your day off doctor what are you doing here?’‘ she asked ‘’Heard over the comm the Captain calling all D’H’s and decided to do the sensible and obvious obligation’‘ he replied.Cross nodded ‘’You can leave doctor I’m not going down with the team’‘.

Hunter shook his head ‘’I’ll stay was about to go and check the store room, jot down what we need and stock up ‘’ ,Cross was about to say something but the doctor had already started to walk away, biting her lower lip, she shrugged her shoulders and entered the office.

Hunter Dr.

Once in her office Cross remembered the vitamins Hunter use to leave on her desk,she looked for them picking up some Padds,maybe the pills were underneath but found none Maybe he has forgotten she thought and headed to the store room.

‘’Doctor did you forget my vitamins, I cannot find them?’‘ the female doctor asked.Hunter kept marking down the items on the Padd he was holding ‘’No Cross I have not forgotten,its about time you take responsibility for your well being ‘’ his tone was devoid of any hostility or unfriendliness.
She was left both speechless and perplexed.

Cross CMO.

Stanley tried for the most part to stay clear of his so-called office. It was small and given enough time in there claustrophobic. Today though he had to finally bite the bullet and send out his first report. He had already been reprimanded for not sending it in on time. Halfway through sickbay and still wearing his full uniform he spotted Cross. He called out to her and said, “Doctor Cross? A word please? ” He then walked into his office and sat in the creaky chair that always seemed to be about to fall to pieces as he awaited Doctor Cross.

Dr. Stanley Wong

Cross was sitting down with elbows on the desk while resting her face in the palms of both hands, trying to figure out why Hunter seemed so cold and reserved in manner …it was so unlike him.While she was brooding about it, the female doctor so the psychiatrist calling out to her Now what the hell does he want? she asked herself.....the last thing Cross needed at that moment was more messiness or mix-up.

And so she made her way to his office, managing to make herself look calm ‘’ Mr Wong why have you called me?’‘ Cross asked.
Cross CMO.

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