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Posted Nov. 22, 2022, 4:32 p.m. by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) (marthese bugeja)

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With her eyes opened wide the doctor shook her head vigorously ‘’No way will I let that psychiatrist near the Captain, he does more harm then good!’‘ .

Before she exited the gym Cross took one last look at the Cmdr What would I do if he doesn’t come back the female doctor thought.

Cross returned to Sickbay where she had another altercation with Dr. Wong, and she called the Captain in a distressed state. The Captain needed to speak urgently with Joe about the accusations Cross had made to him, and the Ship’s Computer told him that Joe could be found in the Gym.

So, about ten minutes after Cross had left, Captain Glen appeared at the Gym looking for Joe.

“Hello,” Glen called out. “Anyone seen the Commander here?”

Joe was finished having worked himself as much as he cared to for one evening and was leaning against the handrails of one of the running machines toweling off when he saw the captain enter. He frowned. The place was sure getting busy tonight. Joe wiped the last of some sweat from his brow and spoke out to Glenn. “Looking to do some crunches tonight captain.”

“Crunches?! Ah! No! I just walked from my office,” explained the Captain. “I’m looking for you!”

“Have you seen Dr. Cross recently? …She just called me to claim that Dr. Wong had ambushed her in her quarters a few days ago, and attacked her when she was naked in the shower. She claims that he injected her with an unknown substance that knocked her out, and left her sitting on the floor. She then had some conspiracy theory about the reason why he’s here, and that he has compiled some kind of dossier, and is about to leave the ship immediately. If there is any remote chance this is true we should detain Wong. I really don’t want Wong on this ship, but I find any of what she said difficult to believe. I’m worried about Cross, and about her state of mind. I don’t want anything about our classified missions leaving the ship, but it is getting hard to keep a lid on all of this. Verity Aphelion overheard the call from Miriam. I cannot ignore it. Wong can’t treat her symptoms without knowing the causes, and she clearly does need treatment. Just as I need Miriam to treat my symptoms, and I cannot disclose anything to anyone else… This is all such a mess!!!”

Joe had gotten down off of the machine and walked over to a bench at the side of the gym to sit as he listened to the captain. As the captain talked Joe’s hand went to his face to cover his mouth. Beneath the hand a smile was growing, and he was trying to be nice as Glenn spoke on. He really didn’t think the captain would appreciate the grin as he seemed very concerned about Cross.

Joe listened and kept from laughing with a heroic diligence that he really thought should be worthy of some kind of medal. Finally, though, by the time Glenn had finished speaking Joe had composed himself. As he began to speak about what Glenn had said about Cross Joe answered with a grin on his face. “Sir I don’t know much about all the secret mission stuff, and I think I should tell you neither does anyone else. I know it’s hurt Miri and having talked to her before the alleged incident and again after I can tell you she was acting a lot different after. I also have noticed that after seeing Doctor Wong she’s eating more, and she’s even been here in the gym working out. She’s gaining weight and looks healthier. “

Joe couldn’t help but smile as he looked at Glenn and said, “Miri has been dramatic since before the much talked about secret mission. I just think that now she’s a bit jumpier and is quicker to … well to tell you the truth invent a fact every once in a while, maybe? Personally, I really don’t think Dr. Wong did anything sexual. He admitted to one of the crew who was flirting with him that he didn’t quite fancy women that way.”

“No, but his actions are still actual bodily harm, from the way Miriam told it,” Glen said. “She didn’t consent to the injection. She couldn’t if he came from behind. Still, if you say she has improved…”

Joe then paused and wiped his forehead once again before taking a deep breath and saying, “As for some sort of secret dossier wouldn’t doctor Wong have to keep some sort of records of what he’s doing kind of like we keep a ships log? As for anything else sir, if I may be so bold as to speak off the record? If you don’t want anyone to find out about your secret mission quit putting it out in your front yard with a big red flag and a don’t touch sign on it. Personally, I don’t think Wong gives two spits about a secret mission. I think he just cares about his own. Anything more than that sir I think you should ask the good doctor himself. “

“Red Flag?” Glen was puzzled. “We never talk about it outside the ship, but everyone aboard the ship was deeply affected by it. So, talking to each other is like therapy,; it is needed. The problem is that the ship has had such a turnaround of crew that those crew who know are getting few and far between now. And I can’t help the fact that Wong has brought back my headaches with his questions. It isn’t something that I ever wanted to revisit, but yes, of course I will ask him once I have all the facts about what has taken place.”

‘’And the good doctor is right here behind you’‘ said a familiar voice ‘’ I checked were the Cmdr was and found you as well Captain’‘ Cross sat on the bench next to Joe ‘’You are right Captain we have to be vigilant about what comes out,rest assured I have not uttered a word about that mission to Mr Wong and he never alluded about it either but he’s the one driving me crazy with his way of making me open up for an evaluation ,assessment who knows, those darn glasses and beaker’‘ she paused running her fingers through her hair.

“You made some serious accusations about Wong just before, and the new CSO overheard them,” Glen told her. “I cannot ignore them, so. you need to back them up or withdraw them. So, explain to me again what you said, with Joe as my witness.”

Cross ran a hand over her face ‘’For the third time I was in my office,,he came by and told be to head to his office cause we had an appointment,if we did I had completely forgotten about it,em then I gave him a piece of my mind and with that he scribbled something on his notes closed his file and left saying his evaluation of me was done or something on those lines ‘’.

‘’Sorry Captain but your state of mind does not seem much better then mine ‘’the doctor decided to keep her tone neutral ‘’First of all I would not call it an ambush, I was in the shower relaxing and did not hear the chime, Wong then decided to enter my quarters by sight to sight transportation and he caught me naked, true he brought a towel ,wrapping it around me....I…I was mortified ‘’ by now she stood up and started pacing.

“Miriam, my state of mind is not being made any better by this,” Glen told her. ” I have to take some action here, I can’t ignore what you said earlier because Verity heard you. Either you consented to the treatment or you didn’t?”.

‘’Consented to what treatment ? ‘’ she asked’‘I never consented to have a psychiatrist and neither to inject me or to see me naked for that matter and all that I said is true ‘’.

‘’I came to that conclusion cause before I contacted you, he said I had missed another appointment probably I did forget and once in his closet em office, I told him I have a dept to manage and if he wanted he could very well talk to me in my office but no, no this psychiatrist with just a click of his fingers pretend that I jump up leave what ever I’m doing and obey to the god of the universe!!’‘ Cross exclaimed this time not bothering how her voice sounded.’‘He jotted something down on those sheets of papers of his and said he was finished there was nothing more to add and yes I was afraid he would get off the ship.Just like you Captain with what happened in the past I find it hard to trust’‘.

“But as Joe has just pointed out,” Glen said, “I don’t know if you overheard that part or not, but as a Psychiatrist, he will make notes on patients. They are confidential. He is perfectly allowed to take them away. He has also assured me that he has no interest in our previous missions, but only wishes to heal you.”

‘’Heal me? Heal me from what! The only treatment I needed was purely from the medical side ‘’

Now she pocked a finger on Joe’s chest ‘’I never even mentioned the word sexual,its out of context and I’m not eating more.I have put on weight cause I’m eating and am not anorexic anymore with the help of doctor Hunter who is caring for my well being ‘’ the doctor looked at both men ‘’Even though you both hate Hunter he’s a good man and dedicated to his work ‘’ But that she thought was another story.*

“Miriam?” Glen asked, “Have you possibly been drinking alcohol?” .

Cross shook her head ‘’ No Sir definitely not ‘’.

‘’Mr Wong’s presence and interference has made me go back to the past ..I too Captain am having nightmares and the Cmdr is right who ever he is I don’t think this is about that mission ,so may I suggest we deal with it between ourselves? ‘’ Cross asked .Guess it was now or never ‘’Captain the biological father of my son is him’‘ she pointed a finger at the Cmdr ‘’He was the COS back then and no all I told him was that the baby was kidnapped ‘’.

Glen was shocked. He had guessed as much, but as far as he knew, Joe wasn’t aware that Miriam had even been pregnant. He certainly wasn’t aware the child had been kidnapped. This was one of the things at the top of Glen’s list to keep secret. Well, the cat was out of the bag now!

  • Glen, CO

Just in case anyone was paying attention Joe was now bent over with his face in his hands as he shook his head. It might have been a blessing to everyone had he stayed that way for as he finally raised his head up Captain Glenn might indeed find out where the wild Irishman in Joe had gone to, for as soon as his mouth opened a stream of curses in English, Irish and a few in Klingon even poured out of him like a stream of red-hot lava burning everything in its path. It did seem that the gym had gotten a little warmer as he spoke. After he seemed to have run out of his vast knowledge of curse words he turned to Cross and said, “Well thank you Miri. Now you done went and shoved my leg into that brilliant flipping secret box. Just the place I’m not supposed to be. Well, I know what’s going to happen now so I’m not holding back anymore. Now Joe was wagging his finger in Cross’s direction as he said,” When I first came on board this ship, I nearly came to blows with that fool Hunter. He didn’t seem to care much about what was going on with you until I had a very civil discussion with him about what happened to items which got launched from a torpedo tube.

Joe threw his hands in the air then as he said,” So now here am I. I’m going to wind up at the flipping academy as a junior grade Lieutenant teaching cadets how to wipe their backsides when the artificial gravity goes out! And Miri I don’t care what you say that Wong might be a nut, but I know that he transported to your quarters using a medical emergency authorization. What was going on in your cabin that would cause the guy to run to a transporter to get into your quarters? Was it some screaming maybe? Goodness knows you do enough of that when you get one of your spells! Joe stood then he could no longer contain himself sitting down.

And as for the nut Miri he’s made you better and you know it. As for the rest I’ll say I’m guilty. Every time the guy comes toward me, I find something urgent to do. Has anyone ever thought that the little fella is getting ticked off because he can’t do his job? Good Gawd Girty.” Joe finished running out of breath. He held his hands out and told Glenn, so here I am sir charge me with what you will send me off now that you both got me in that well known secret box! “It was all too much for Joe. The secrecy the rumors, Miranda’s moods dodging Wong. And all the time trying to be strong for Miri pretending that the loss of a child just didn’t hurt a man that way. He bit his bottom lip viciously and wiped at the corner of his eye quickly. And now everybody expected him to know why Wong was doing things when they could ask him?

Lt. Cmdr. Jolting’ Joe Milligan (gone crazy)

Cross felt she was frozen in time ,she eventually found the strength to speak ‘’I’m sorry Cmdr but I felt this was not a secret we should keep away from the Captain and I felt that its the best opportunity to tell him with the three of us present, the Captain needed to know.If we conceal,withhold events that happen unexpectedly from the Captain then what kind of a crew are we? ‘’ it got to a point where the female doctor accepted the fact that all of this was her fault ‘’ I never told Joe when he left the ship that I was with his child but when he came back I told him, I was kidnapped and though the awayteam managed to save me the baby was long gone.The Cmdr did not ask any questions and I was stupid enough not to realize he was hiding his feelings for the son he would never see again,please please do forgive me Cmdr ‘’Cross pleaded .

She could not even bring herself to look at his distraught face ‘’I did not need a psychiatrist then but I do need one now ‘’.

Cross CMO.

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