I have lost where we are

Posted Nov. 25, 2022, 2:48 p.m. by Lieutenant Lance Del Wolf (Chief Of Security) (James Gray)

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Ya I am lost of what we are doing any updates will be good

OOC: read the last post of the main sim,the team is about ready to go down on the planet with humanoids that are hostile to anyone from the Federation (that’s what the Klingon’s told them!).
With the permission of the G.M I have a security by the name of Richard coming along :)

OOC: Marthese, I don’t want a big team. I don’t want them to be seen. I just want Joe, Verity, Lance and Cara. If I allow Richard too, can I be sure he won’t run off somewhere!??? I want a bigger diplomatic team to go down later. I don’t trust the Roach!

James, we are just waiting for the GM to start that. In the meantime we have to do a little self-simming. You could remain on the Bridge following the meeting and scan the planet to check it matches the security information we’ve been supplied. You could go to the Lounge hall where people are already chatting. You could just polish your weapons and test the photon torpedo cases!! You could do all three!

Robert, it appears you have arranged something with Marthese, so that’s okay. The additional security guy can go down too.


I can be doing some maintenance to a torpedo or even to realigning the torpedo tubes

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