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Stanley had once again found the lounge empty. He had yet to understand why. Between the amenities and the view of the engines with space disappearing to the rear of the ship behind them it was quite lovely. He was finally beginning to get over his fear of looking out the window.

Avoiding all the furniture in the room he had come in wearing a simple tee which red Futbol Cuba. along with a loose pair of running pants. He had proceeded to sit on the plush carpet of the lounge in a lotus position where he immediately began to meditate. It took him a bit as his mind was too busy trying to solve several problems at once , but finally he calmed himself enough to begin. Soon his body was still and comfortable and his mind was clear.

Verity had just left her quarters to go find Dr. Cross when she encountered Dr. Wong in the lounge. She looked around and seen that no one else was around, hesitant to approach the man after hearing about his encounter with Dr. Cross but eager for answers she cleared her throat, broke the silence in the room and interrupted what seemed to be his peaceful moment, “Dr. Wong!” Her arms where stiff by her side as she halfway approached him. “I have heard a terribe rumor about you and must ask you about it.”

V. Aphelion, CSO

As he heard the unknown female voice in his ears Stanley’s eyes opened slowly to a slit. They then slid to one side until he saw Verity. He opened his eyes the rest of the way and turned to Verity with a large smile on his face. “Ah nothing new in that category I’m afraid Lieutenant. You should have heard what I did last week!”

Stanley smiled at Verity and patted the floor beside him and spoke saying,” Please have a seat and let me see if I can help you satisfy your curiosity.”

Doctor Stanley Wong.

Verity was confounded by Dr. Wong’s calm demeanor and this caused her to stutter, something she usually did not do. Maybe this man really didn’tdo anything. “Well..I…I mean....I don’t know if I should.” She frowned then said, “Don’t try to play Psychological games with me, Dr. Wong. I will not sit! I will stand here while I ask the questions and you answer them. Besides do you not see I am wearing my uniform dress? I could not sit on the floor beside you even if I wanted to.”

V. Aphelion, CSO

Stanley was still sitting in the lotus posture and still quite relaxed as he listened to Verity. After she had finished, he shook his head and spoke saying, “First let us get our semantics right. Are you here to ask a question or to interrogate? If you’re here to ask a question I will gladly answer you anything you ask.”

Then frowning as he turned toward Verity, he shook his head and once more laughed. “I’m sorry Lieutenant but no I didn’t see your attire. “Pausing for a second Stanley asked, “Is this going to be one of those questions concerning my sexual preferences or some such thing? ” Stanley laughed and shook his head. “I always thought Freud was a fool until I came to this ship. So let me assure you Lieutenant just in case. I have a quite lovely and intelligent husband living in Rome on Earth. He’s a designer working on new force field technologies. Now then what would you like to ask?”

Dr. Stanley Wong

“What? I do not care about your sexual preferences, nor how lovely and intelligent your husband is. Those things are not relevant considering what I have heard. What I do care about, is how you conduct your business. Dr. Cross has....”

Before his shift started Hunter entered the Lounge,seeing Stanley on the floor his first thought was Did he fall? Does he need help on seeing the CSO next to him the doctor made his way towards them ‘’ Verity what’s wrong with him? Does he need medical help?’‘ the doctor asked concerned.

Hunter Dr.

Before she could finish her sentence Verity quickly turned around at the sound of Hunter’s voice. “Doctor!” She cried out, “you startled me!” She walked toward the doctor and stood by him because she was obviously more comfortable around him then Wong. “No, I think he is meditating.”
Verity said as she looked at Wong through narrowed eyes then said, “We shall continue this conversation later.”

V. Aphelion, CSO

Stanley closed his eyes again and took a long deep breath. Yes, he thought it must have something to do with the command personnel, no one seemed to be able to walk up to him and start a conversation! He was he was supposed to notice the Lieutenants dress maybe? He couldn’t figure out why. After all it was the same uniform which every other female on the ship wore. And all the starts and stops of sentences about Cross? He honestly couldn’t tell which was more prevalent here the level of torment or the level of mystery.

Finally, Stanley turned toward Hunter and smiled as he asked him. “Doctor Hunter hello again! I am quite well, thank you and yourself?”

Dr. Stanley Wong

With one elbow resting on the bar Hunter turned slowly to face the psychiatrist ‘’I’m glad you’re well Mr Wong,as for myself I’m fine and thank you for asking ‘’ the doctor replied then went on ‘’Would you be kind enough to let Verity and myself alone for a moment ‘’ it was not a question from Hunter’s side ,that much was obvious.

Hunter Dr.

Stanley looked toward Hunter and frowned for a moment before he laughed. He shook his head and rose saying, “Why yes I will stop immediately and leave for you my good doctor. I bid you both a good evening then.”.

Hunter gave him a quick nod and thanked him ‘’Good evening to you too ‘’.

As he left Stanley stated to sing a little song interspersed with small peals of laughter. He seemed to be a man who was in the midst of enjoying himself.

Dr. Stanley Wong

Now with Stanley out of ear shot he turned back to the CSO ‘’ Verity what happened to make you look at the psychiatrist as if you were about to strangle him ‘’ the doctor asked, with that usual smile forming at the corner of his mouth.

Hunter Dr.

The doctor turned to the bartender ‘’ Two pieces of apple pie and orange juice please ‘’ Hunter told him, though he would have preferred alcohol but never drank before his shift in Sickbay.
Hunter Dr.

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