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Posted Jan. 21, 2023, 2:52 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


Joe walked into sickbay expecting. Well, he didn’t know really what to expect. He knew that the first thing on his list of to- dos was to give that darn little redhead a wide berth. He looked around then looking for someone in the busy place he might speak to, He stayed out of the way and hoped that someone with a bit of curiosity might stop for a moment to satisfy his own curiosity.

Captain Glen turned around in his seat. He was glad to see the Commander again, seemingly less irritable now that his ear infection had been seen to, and carrying a modified UT to speak to the girl, which meant that at least someone was listening to his orders.

Hunter saw the Cmdr enter and looking around,he did not need a high IQ to know Joe had not come to see him and made his way to the office were Cross was.
‘’Psssst ‘’ he called out,seeing the CMO who looked like she had all the universe on her shoulders .

Cross looked up ‘’Have you turned into a bird now? What’s the pssst for ?’‘ she asked Hunter ‘’The Cmdr is in sickbay most probably looking for you’‘ he replied back.

The female doctor got up from behind the desk and headed to were the first officer was ‘’Cmdr what brings you to sickbay? I thought you where on the bridge ‘’Cross asked a bit concerned.

Captain Glen remained seated at the desk, where he had been busy talking to Cros before the Commander had arrived.

Joe simply smiled at Cross and said, “Well I was on the bridge but then I turned into a cute little songbird and flew away.” He laughed then before looking around sick bay. “To be truthful I hadn’t heard much from down here so I thought I would come down and see for myself. The ship is working perfectly well right now on its own. We’re just orbiting, and I find myself to be quite useless. So, all this being said I thought I would come down here and see if there was anything you might need help with.”

‘’Don’t tell me the men are turning into birds now ‘’ she replied with a hint of amusement ‘’We’re still waiting for any information and data report from the Science dept as of yet ,maybe I’ll go to the medical lab ‘’ Cross pointed at a secluded corner in sickbay ‘’And check out how this bacteria looks like ,maybe it would be similar to the one’s we already known about and hopefully someone would come to speak to the child ‘’.

Cross looked up at Joe ‘’Cmdr who’s on the bridge? What if a Klingon’s ship shows up ? ‘’ the female doctor asked knowing they weren’t exactly the friendly type.

Joe looked oddly at Cross and held up the UT device he had brought with him. “At the moment the Klingons are the least of my worries I’ve been tasked with job of having to communicate with that little red headed devil that I brought back from the planet. Is she alright? Is she conscious? I don’t really think that there’s any good intel we can get from her but listening to her talk will give the UT a good sample of her language so it can operate better when the next away team goes down.

Cross shrugged ‘’She should be awake by now ,take a bag full of sweets and hope for the best Cmdr,she’s in a cubicle probably tearing everything down good luck ‘’ she replied then went on ‘’Kate will show you where she is ‘’.

“And you’re going to need some good luck!” added Captain Glen, “As well as the scratching the little terror bit into Cara’s tail. But maybe if she hears her own language that will calm her down enough to reply?”

Kate smiled ‘’Cmdr do please follow me, the last time I checked on her the child was quiet sitting in her cot’‘.

What could Joe do? It wasn’t as if anyone made her sound vicious or anything. And Kate sounded like it was a walk in the park. Joe stopped took a deep breath, checked the settings on the UT and followed Kate into the cubicle. Yes, there she was. Joe stopped right inside of the door. He then knelt down so as to make himself not look to aggressive or frightening. He took out a handful of jellybeans from his pocket and decided to plow right in using the UT. “Hello, my name is Joe what is yours?” he asked in a calm inquisitive voice.

Max finished up in the mess hall and needed to sickbay to help with what is going on. After a few minutes of walking to sickbay, he arrived at the sickbay doors. He took a deep breath. He then walked in to see what was going on. He then said to the executive officer, “Lt Mullins reporting in as requested. How can I help?” He was hoping he could do something to help out and did not want to interrupt too bad. He waited for a response from Joe.

Joe turned and seeing Mullins standing there he smiled. “Good to see you Chief!” Joe then walked over to Mullins and began to outline what he needed. “I need you to go up to the bridge and try to make contact with any Klingons who may be still hanging about in the area. There may be some trade vessels or even some military craft still in the area monitoring our progress or lack thereof. We’re wanting you to contact them if they are out there and ask them for any information, they might be willing to share about this bacterium, or for that matter anything else similar that might cause us troubles. “

Glen added, “My best guess us that they won’t reply or will just laugh at the questions. I expect that the reason they left might be this bacterium’s effects. Still, it’s worth trying anyhow!”

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