Security Out side sick bay (Alpha Team)

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Lance and his Alpha Team arrived outside of sick bay. Lance pressed his com =A= Lance to Sharp are you in the security room. Go to the consul and put in turbo lift security over ride D-99847. After the program runs this level will be locked only medical in and out the turbo lifts will not open on this level unless you open the doors for them or it is a medical officer =A= Lance was hoping the sharp will not mess this up.

=/\= Yes Sir =/\= Sharp did followed Lance orders ,he waited for a few minutes until the program finished =/\= Lt, program completed =/\=.

Sharp sec.

He turned to his team “ok guys Delta formation spread out throughout the hallways I want to in front of sick bay doors at all times” his team moved fast.

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Sometime later the Lieutenant would see Joe coming toward him with a smile on his face. “Lieutenant!” Joe called out to him. “There you are! Once again, a job well done by security. We’ve gone off of amber alert though and I’ve had access opened up ship wide. I’m being told that all the people who are more intelligent than myself now think that this bacterium is not the rabid killer that we first thought it to be. So, all this being said, go ahead and have your people stand down and go attend to their regular duties. If you wish you can keep two of them on this deck just in case but no more. “

Joe then clapped Lance on the shoulder and said, “Once again job well done Lieutenant. Great response!” And with this Joe excused himself, talking to Lance as he went explaining that he’d like to chat more, but he had other things to attend to.

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

Lance had his team stand down. He then pressed his com =A= Wolf to sharp security is standing down. You did a good job I will make sure I put that in my report. Go get some sleep I will see you tomorrow. Wolf out =A=

Lt. Lance Del Wolf (COS)

Sharp’s heart was beating so fast he was afraid Lance could hear it =/\= Yes Sir =/\= he responded back with a feeling of positivity and satisfaction .

Sharp Sec.

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