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Posted Jan. 22, 2023, 4:01 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hercules Kahuna (Weapons Officer) (David Fergusson)


=/\= Captain Glen to McKenzie Lovejoy and to Pashi zh’Vhohlehr. You both claim to be excpetionally good linguists. Please report to Sickbay and try to make some sense out of the native girl we accidentally picked up from the planet. We have a critical sitaution aboard the ship and need some answers. = /\=


The Captain contacted his XO, still on the Bridge. =/\= Joe, I’m sure Miriam has told you already, but we have a lockdown situation down here, so I’m stuck in Sickbay, with minor injuries moved to the Gym. I’ve obviously instigated an Amber Alert and Secuirty has been posted around the ship. I’m not sure you should be wandering around the ship yourself, so maybe you should think about self-isolating in your Quarters. I’m confused by the Science of this though. I’m getting conflicting reports. The bacteria may only be infectious airborne when it is at a certain stage of its lifecycle. I think we need a virtual meeting of staff to clear this up. Miriam has unhelpfully broken her own enforced quarantine and dashed off somewhere without saying, so I can’t ask her. Horses for courses for her, I guess. Though I’m a bit more worried about her as she keep mis-remembering things that happened a very short time ago. We also need to speak with this child, so I don’t care if we break quarantine regulations or not, I need someone who can talk to her down here. My guess is that the Klingons left this planet because of the bacteria. Unless, they didn’t get affected because of the chromoanagenesis they have suffered as a result of the Qu’Vat virus. What do you think? =/\=

=/\= I’m of the same mind sir. we need to get moving on talking to the girl. I mean while it is an infection and all I’ve had it and all it’s done to me is given me the ability to hear what people are saying behind my back. Pretty amusing sometimes but nothing life threatening. And I understand that science has found a way to just scan the ship and detect the disease now at any rate and then do a quarantine on those people. No having everyone queue in line to be checked or having a lockdown required really. I’ll go see Cross and then see if we can’t get some kind of handle on talking to the child sir. Milligan out. =/\=

=/\= Good! Then cancel that bloody Amber Alert and have Secuirty stand down, I’ll see you in Sickbay shortly. =/\= Glen replied.

“Sir?” Kahuna told the Commander, “I can take over the Bridge if you leave. I completed my Command exam last week, Sir!”

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