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It was the late in the first day after their arrival to Earth when Tinga’s turn to lecture came up a comm call indicated her presence was needed an hour before the hall was to fill up with Cadets for her to prepare things.

=/\= Lieutenant Tinga please report to Academy Hall 1a for your lecture planning, Lieutenant Tinga to Academy Hall 1a please, thank you..=/\= Came a male voice announcer.

Tinga had been enjoying a bit of outdoor recreation but, luckily, was still in uniform. She made it to the hall quickly to get the lay of the land.

To help with their planning, and to give more general confidence boosting, Glen had promised to meet them all one hour before their lectures began, but he was running late.

The lay of the land for Tinga was a lecture hall able to fill about 50 cadets waiting for her inside was a pair of professor assistants that looked up as she entered. “..All lieutenant Tinga, good to meet you ma’am!” The first said coming forward to her as she would come off the entrance ramp for the room and come up on the lecture stage. “..I am assistant Vern, and this is assistant Zern my sister.” He said indicating both human twins.

”..A pleasure!” Xern said. “..We are at your disposal if you need help setting anything up for your presentation, so what is it you need?” She asked.

OOC: Aka if you want to setup anything fancy for your coming presentation or whatever go wild!

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Tinga looked around the room and back at the twins.

“I’m not certain I need anything actually. I’m still trying to map out my presentation to be honest with you but I appreciate your assistance none the less.”

Tinga hoped she could find something for them to do. She understood that people din’t like to feel useless.

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