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Posted Jan. 24, 2023, 1:55 p.m. by Gamemaster CockRoach (Gamemaster) (Robert Archer)


Lieutenant j.g. Pashi zh’Vhohlehr rushed to sickbay, there was a need to have someone attempt to communicate with another being. She breathlessly entered sickbay, the doors swooshing open, and saw the executive officer Lieutenant Commander Milligan approach a young female with a Universal Translator and inquiry “Hello there. My name is Joe what is yours?”. She sighed and proceeded toward them. She screwed herself up and prepared to assist, knowing full well the limited capabilities of the universal translators, hell she had written some of their algorithms in college.

Kate could sense the Cmdr’s uneasiness and when he asked the girl her name the nursing officer held her breath.

-Lieutenant j.g. Pashi zh’Vholehr, Science

Joe was, when the Lieutenant came in concentrating very hard on the girl for obvious reasons. Mostly because the last time he had encountered her she had tried to take a hunk of his flesh with her. It was only after he had tried the UT by asking her a simple question that he saw Pashi out of the corner of his eye. Still paying attention closely to the child Joe said to Pashi, “Good to see you, Lieutenant.” Joe then took several steps back and handed the UT over to her. “This might work better for you. I’m pretty sure that I’m not her favorite person at the moment and well, you might be able to do more with the language than I.”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

As if to confirm the girl’s dislike to the XO she gave a whipish like angry look and one showing a bit of her teeth as well. Once he retreated she relaxed on her cot but now that more people were present seemed cagey as if debating running from it to somewhere else. “..Bako!” She said which the UT did not translate but made a note that given the tone and body language probably was some kind of threat/insult/warning of some kind to the XO and not her name.

On seeing Pashi ,Kate gave her a nod ‘’Lt ‘’ and with that she silently left, knowing the Cmdr had all the help he needed. She just hoped the girl would co-operate and have the knowledge to be able to answer some very important questions.

Kate N.O

The girl remained still though cagey on edge looking about, she now had been dressed in a simple grey t-shirt and pants jumper with soaks and shoes. Probably while unconscious from being put to sleep by a hypo to keep her from scratching or biting other people. The girl sat there muttering to herself looking about.

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