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Posted by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) in Main Sim - Sickbay
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Posted by Lieutenant Maximilien Mullins (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Sickbay
OOC: Sorry if I break the thread but I believe this is the latest.

Max then replied to the commander, “Very well sir. I will head up to the bridge and see what I might be able to find. I will update you as soon as I have something?” Max then turned around and walked back out of sickbay in order to head up to the bridge. After a few minutes of walking and riding the turblolift he arrived at the bridge. Max then walked into the bridge in order to see what was going on.

OOC: Going to move to a bridge thread on this.

Lt Mullins

OOC: Please just use the open “Main Sim: Bridge” thread that Joe left earlier.

Really, this is something I’d rather the Communcations Officer did than The CE, but since they went AWOL please continue.

FYI Just some housekeeping for all:
I’m trying to have us just have one thread in each different place at the same time. For the “present time,” that thread should be titled “Main Sim”. if it is in the past, that thread could be titled “Alt Sim”. There should be no threads set in the future beyond what the GM has posted since you don’t know the future yet. I can allow two different main Sim threads in the same room or place if they concern two different groups of people (different conversations that cannot be overheard by the other) but you must leave one thread to join the other thread/conversation (you cannot be in two places at the same time.)

If we all did this then there would be much less confusion about the right place to post, and we would avoid the mess we created before.

One final thing - for some reason, when checking the board for new posts, some people seem to miss threads that have been retitled. Threads often get retitiled with “OOC” or “Main Sim”. The GM will often change titles of threads for the sake of the narrative. Whether this happens because of the browser they use or some other software they use, I don’t know, but it is causing threads to be split, and that then sets up duplicate threads. I’d strongly advise everyone to read every unread post on the board. It isn’t the first time I’ve asked for this, but if you do that then you will not miss anything important to you character, and your reply will always be to the very latest post.



OOC: I did use that thread and I am asking the communications officer to actually do the work. Just making sure i’m doing the needed cleanup.


Yes, thanks but since they are AWOL you can take it. We really need to move ahead now.


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