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Thomas had the Bio-Hazard package which had been send to the science dept ready for further analysis ,he waited for Verity, the Chief science officer.

Thomas N.

When the Ensign arrived in the lab with the package Verity met him at the door dressed in a biohazard suit. “What this?” She extended her hand out to take the package. “Are these more bacteria samples?” She asked as she examined the package to determine what to do with it.” When she realized it was more bacteria samples she asked, “Has anyone been able to make contact with the Klingons. I am not sure how we can move forward without some additional insight on the bacteria.”

V. Aphelion, CSO

Verity was informed that communications to contact the Klingons were underway on the bridge by a nearby NE. “Wonderful. I will work on these and wait to see what information the Klingons can offer. I hope everything goes well. They might consider it an act of war just from us reaching out to them.”
She took the package to a nearby lab, removed the contents and began her analysis. She placed samples of the bacteria in containment tube and dishes, then did various tests on it. She exposed it to radiation. Mixed some of the samples with water. Combined it with blood samples of various species. During all this she documented her work, uploading it into the database to be retrieved later when it was more useful.

V. Aphelion, CSO

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