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The girl remained still though cagey on edge looking about, she now had been dressed in a simple grey t-shirt and pants jumper with soaks and shoes. Probably while unconscious from being put to sleep by a hypo to keep her from scratching or biting other people. The girl sat there muttering to herself looking about.

Pashi took the universal translator and made a few quick adjustments after the child had spoken the one word. She then slowly approached the child and knelt so that her head and eyes were level with the child’s. Her antennae swiveled forward a little and in a very soft and lyrical voice she said “My name is Pashi,” here she pointed at herself as she said Pashi, “What is your name?” here she pointed at the child as she emphasized name. She repeated this, pointing to herself “Pashi” and pointed to the child “Your name?” Pashi kept her eye contact with the child but could see in her peripheral vision the u.t. was going through every known possible variation of the word Bako and trying to match words from it.

Meanwhile Glen took Joe aside. “If the girl is just going to snarl at you, then you would probably be more useful elsewhere. I see you sent Lt. Mullins to the Bridge to try to contact the Klingons. I think we also need to return to the planet and make contact with the other adult natives that your report said you saw arguing. With our UTs updated from the language we get out of the girl, we should beam back down to same place. We can continue to mingle with the locals by random talking, or more listening, or we just outright reveal ourselves to those you saw earlier. I want to be in the landing party this time. I heard you call it an ‘away team’! I like the sound of that! Do you want to choose they rest. I told Cara she was excused. If you want to stay on the Merrimack too, then I quite understand.”

  • Glen, CO

Pashi looked at the young child in front of her, her antenna moving ever so spuriously forward toward the child. Her sensitive hearing was picking up very muted whispering from the child, and a quick glance at the universal translator showed it was not receiving this information. Slowly, so that the child could see what she was doing, she made some more adjustments to the instrument; until the universal translator started receiving the sounds. The translator started to analysis the pattern and words she was muttering.

-Pashi zh’Vhohlehr, Science

The girl looked at Pashi, then at her antenna it seemed their movements were what intrigued the girl the most for a moment. Then the repeated questions got her attention to focus and she replied, “..Bako..” She then made a similar gesture to herself, the UT made a beep as such to make the theory that this was the girl’s name. “…Passshiii..” The girl then said slightly slurring the sss and iii a bit, seeming to grasp this much the girl cautiously made other word sounds. Gesturing slightly with her hands about the room then to Pashi’s uniform and in particular pointing at her uniform badge. “…Fed doom?” She said squinting her eyes as if uncertain of something but clearly recognizing the symbol, probably something related to the klingons and/or her limited education or something when they were present.

Pashi would recall the Klingons had used the natives original religion to make them look like their divine beings agents. And in turn painted the Federation and their allies for the past 30-40 years as ‘demons’ among their religion. Perhaps Fed-doom was their cultural word for Federation?

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